Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One Cold Winter Day

IC's showing off the empty ice bucket :D
A few days ago, the kids have had enough of the snow and the cold. They simply wanted to stay warm inside the house.

And I agree with them, especially after the slips and skids we experienced a few days ago as we traversed the steep hill after having lunch with opa. It was an experience being helpless as you see the kids slipping and sitting on their bottoms, crying and I couldnt do anything because I was also waddling like crazy. But we survived with the help of a friendly neighbor and because we hold on to the bushes on the side streets until we reached the street down.

Anyway, so I told myself am going to make this day something special. To erase the bad memory of that not so good Wednesday. As MC was also worried saying opa shouldnt drive nor walk when it is too slippery outside. I am amazed that she worry about him when she's still got tears from her fall.

So what did we do to keep us busy on one cold winter day?

1. I gathered blankets in the living room and created a picnic of ice cream :)

2. Played board games.

3. Watched the television together, snuggling in one blanket

4. Tickled ourselves warm and then gave each other a massage ;D

5. Barricaded ourselves in the kitchen, cooking warm soup for papa

6. Then MC read a short story for us

We soon forgot about the bruises of the skids and slips and yes, we were warm all over.


Vlado&Toni said...

MC is so sweet, always thinking of her opa ;) that sounds like a good picnic ;) you are so creative in doing nice things with your kids.

raqgold said...

toni, ice cream tastes better when you see snow outside, i dont know why :D

lovelyn said...

bravahh mamahh!

That's so sweet of MC. Nga naman, you should warn Opa. Pati tuloy ako na worried na rin.


Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sorry about the fall. Glad the kids are alright.

MC is a really kindhearted girl. I could picture the lovely day you spent at home.