Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our Pup's First Outing in the City

As a newbie dog owner, our family is a little bit reluctant in dragging Rikki, (she was three months old then) -- in the city. In fact, the first few months that we welcomed the pup home, we have limited our trips, even running errands.

Well, we regularly do our short/long hikes in the woods; our stroll in the mountain gardens; our walks to school and back. But we do have to start bringing her out into the real world, into the city, to get her used to the hustle and bustle.

The opportunity came when my husband had to meet with someone in the city of Mannheim. We agreed to drive with him, despite a little apprehension in my part. Rikki is already housebroken, but accidents can happen, right?

Before leaving, I made sure I packed all the necessities for Rikki: dog food in a plastic container, water, dog wipes, dog bags, and a towel. Plus, some dog treats in my pocket.

I decided with Mannheim because I know the city. I know where the parks are. I know that most of the malls are scattered and not just inside one building. I know that the girls would find a place they would enjoy; I would find a place the dog would enjoy. I know I would enjoy if if they all having fun.

The girls enjoyed Mannheim. They went in and out of book stores and girlie shops. It was also the girls who told me that dogs are allowed in bookstores because they saw one inside. So I got to browse books with Rikki, too.

The dog enjoyed Mannheim, too. Rikki loved the attention given to her by most shoppers and she enjoyed playing with dogs passing by.

The girls and the dog loved the park, running and playing around the Mannheim Water Tower.

I admit, I was not relaxing the whole time. I had to be on alert with Rikki. There were just too many people wanting to pet him. Rikki is too excited, she just kept on jumping to greet people. The girls helped with Rikki, but they are also too excited to really contain the dog.

Then I had to watch the time, estimate the time for Rikki's toilet. To my relief, it was when we moved on to the park that Rikki did her 'thing.' I cleaned up after her, of course.

Rikki passed our first city visit with flying colors. I am proud of her, I am proud of my girls, I am a proud dog owner.

But still, I am glad when we arrived home.


anney said...

Cute namn ng dog nyo! I love the jump shots of the kids!

raqgold said...

rikki is indeed cute :-D and the kids had fun doing these jump shots.