Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Busy Saturday

Vacation time. Family time.

One Saturday morning, we drove to Mannheim as we are curious how a live auction is done; we brought the girls. We examined the items for auction, checking the price list. The girls were fascinated by the proceedings, and got bored because we were not bidding. In a stage whisper, IC said, 'why are we here if we are not bidding at all?'

So we bidded, and got some fairly expensive items for a very low, low price. For example, we got a sterling silver ring with sapphire valued at 50 Euro (starting bid 9 Euro) for only 11 Euro and a Chronotech wristwatch valued at 130 Euro (starting bid 5 Euro) for only 5 Euro (nobody bidded against me)!!! The girls got their bids, too: IC her antique cabinet, MC her antique spindel. Everybody's happy!

The water tower in Mannheim

Next we drove to Weinheim for a cocktail to celebrate Edith Voss Immobilien's anniversary. I love the fingerfood -- both the taste and the presentation.


Then off to our mountain garden to harvest apples and pears.


Then to the next mountain to check out the other ground, the one that's not yet being cleared for use as a garden. The girls had fun running around, playing hide and seek, climbing trees, sliding using their leggings-packed behinds, etc.

In the woods

We also passed by the cemetery to water the plants which we have planted on the graves of Oma and Opa.

Watering the plants in the cemetery
 Fun. If only I didn't have to prepare dinner, too. :-D

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