Friday, August 12, 2011

Aldi Salami Recalled

And the news...

Der Aldi-Süd-Lieferant Schepers&Comp hat eine Wurstsorte zurückgerufen and vor dem Verzehr gewarnt. In einer Probe des Artikels 'Salami Magretta & Salami Spianata' seien Listerien nachgewiesen worden. Die Bakterien können Beschwerden auslösen, bei Schwangeren sogar Fehlgeburten. Die Rückrufaktion der Firma betrifft Artikel mit den Mindesthaltbarkeitsdaten 18.08.2011, 25.08.2011 und 01.09.2011. Die Ware könne in den Aldi-Süd-Märkten zurückgegeben werden, teile der Lieferant mit.

The Aldi-Süd supplier Schepers & Co. has recalled a type of sausage and warned against consumption. Listeria were detected in the 'Salami Magretta and Salami Spianata'. The bacteria can cause illnesses, even miscarriages in pregnant women. The recall affects those with shelf life dated: 18.08.2011, 25.08.2011 and 01.09.2011. Goods can be returned in Aldi-Süd markets, says the supplier.


Aldi-Süd is our number choice when it comes to grocery shopping. (We used to go to Lidl but not anymore after a not so funny episode). The girls love their Milfina Streichfein Butter with salt, it costs 1.29 Euro. Although I was really shocked with the prices, butter used to be 0.69 Euro in 2008!!! What, around more than 40% increase? (And look, a comment left by a reader informed me that it's actually an 87% increase, whoa! Thanks for the correction, and yes, Math is not my strongest point nor biking but that's another topic!!)

No matter, we need butter and sausages, too. Just need to watch out for recalls.


Anonymous said...

Your math is flawed, (1.29/0.69-1)*100=87% increase.

Ihre Mathematik ist fehlerhaft, (1.29/0.69-1)*100=87% Steigerung.

raqgold said...

I love it when people really reads my posts!!! Thanks for taking note and letting me know the right numbers.