Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yellow Plum Cheesecake

We are still harvesting more than enough yellow plums, in both our backyard garden and our mountain garden, (despite giving away basketful to neighbors and friends) therefore I am still busy baking.

Yellow Plum Cheesecake


300 g yellow plums
35 g almond flakes
3 eggs
500 g low-fat curd cheese
250 g sour cream
150 ml milk
1 small pack vanilla sugar
200 g sugar
butter for the baking tin


Wash, cut and remove the seeds of the yellow plums.

Grease a baking tin and scatter the almond flakes.

Separate the egg yolk from the egg white. Add salt to the egg white and whisk.

Put the curd cheese and sour cream in a bowl. Add egg yolk, milk, vanilla sugar and sugar. Mix.

Then the egg white and the yellow plums.

Pre-heat the oven (between 150 to 175 degrees). Bake around one hour. After 40 minutes, put a folie over the baking tin.

Let the cake cool inside the oven, after turning it off.


Anonymous said...

looks good! i am baking too but i do not think i can find yellow plums here. hehe. nasa germany ka na ba ulit kengkay?

raqgold said...

hi, back in germany!! you could use mangoes or litchias or rambutan :-D