Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10th Anniversary

I am making sure I won't forget this time!

The past wedding anniversaries, it was always my husband who would remind me.

And so I guess, our anniversary story remains the same...

Because last week, he was calling our favorite hotel-restaurant for a reservation and I was looking at him perplexed. You see, we have more than enough harvest in our garden that we said we won't dine out nor buy fresh veggies and fruits for the next months.

That he was calling the hotel-restaurant where we celebrated our wedding in 2001, didn't even register. I was going to tell him to cancel the reservation when he said, 'Of course, you would forget. It's our 10th anniversary, mein Schatz!'


And so today I am making sure. I have scheduled this post :-D

Mein Schatz, Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!!! Ich liebe dich sehr!

This anniversary is extra special because of what we have gone through the past years, not easy, no, not easy -- but see, we are still together. And I hope to be celebrating forever with you and the girls.

As usual, our wedding anniversary would be enjoyed with the girls. Who, I am pretty sure, are already preparing their outfits for the day. I would love to wear my wedding dress, I hope I'd fit!

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OSeƱorita said...

For us it's the other way around. It's always my husband who always forget our anniversary. LOL!!! Anyway, Happy Anniversary to both of you. And may you have more to come!!!