Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fiesta Parade

Not really a warm day, but the girls want to watch the parade celebrating the fiesta in our old town. By saying watch, that also means, the girls are ready collect sweets and gifts from the treats being passed around during the parade.

With both girls armed with big bags for their much awaited treasures, off we went.

We found our old place -- the corner street right where the parade starts. Therefore, the girls received their treats much, much earl. Yes, we, young-at-hearts were rewarded, too.

The marching band
The first treat coming from the parade participants, free beer!
Then, a glass of wine from the region
Followed by the freshly grilled bread-in-sticks
The crispy biscuits from the Gourmet Club

Another type of apple wine from the Farmer's Group

Pieces of homemade cakes

Wine and balls...

More cakes and more balls...
Sweets from the witches...
Apple juice from another witch...
More sweets and drinks...

More beer...
Suffice to say, I was a bit tipsy when the parade's done. My husband had to pass most of the 'drinks' to me as he is driving. As for the girls? Well, they had a bagful of loots and loads of fun!

As for me, I slept good that night.

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