Monday, August 22, 2011

What is a Greengage?

That's the greengage in our backyard

We always thought it was a plum tree. Yes, that tree in our backyard garden.

Well, it looks like a plum and tastes like one (actually, it tastes better) -- but see, we have plum trees in our mountain garden. And out there, they have this dark blue-violet color. And the one in our garden's got this reddish fruits.

We simply thought it's just the color. But then someone told us that what we have in the backyard is something special. Especially since the fruits tastes really crunchier and sweeter and just heavenly.

Oh well, I don't exaggerate. An aunt passed by after learning that we have more than enough fruit harvests. She loves picking the fruits herself so she came, ready with her bags. First, she wanted the mirabelle (yellow plums). Some blackberries she just munched on because her target is that 'something different' plums. She starting checking those on the ground before picking those from the tree.
That's the plums from our mountain garden.

And then she tasted it. And she enthusiastically proclaimed it as something special. (I am right or not??? )

Then yesterday, my husband saw her in the city. She informed him eagerly that the plums are really ringlotte (greengage).

And I said? What is that?

I immediately googled it up and yes, they are indeed called greengage.

I haven't heard of that fruit before! It is indeed a sister of the plum.. from Wikipedia: They are known for their rich, confectionery flavour that causes them to be considered one of the finest dessert plums according to Wikipedia.

The greatest part is that they are supposed to be green to yellow yet ours is reddish -- meaning?? Our greengage is better tasting than the rest!!!

Wow, so we have indeed a special plum in the backyard.

I might just sell the greengage next year. I might! Maybe keep some of the seeds and plant it for next year and I would have the best plums in the world.

That was before my husband informed me that we need a tree, not a seed :-(.

Anyway, I have enough frozen greengages, might was well enjoy the fresh fruit as long as it lasts for we need to trim it down. That means, not so much harvest next year as this year.

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