Friday, August 5, 2011

We Don't Buy Fruits Anymore


We have two yellow plum trees, a plum tree, and blackberry bush sagging with fruits in our backyard. The rest of our sour cherries we have plucked for our neighbors already. Not to mention the soon to be harvested wild grapes and those from the four apple trees.

And then we visit our mountain garden.

Sour Cherry Tree
We haven't even touched the sour cherries this year!
The girls love the red currants!

The red currants, blackberries and gooseberries are still hanging there although we have already shared basketfuls to the girl's teachers and I already have more than a dozen containers filled with frozen fruits. And then there's more than a dozen fruit-bearing trees waiting for us, too -- yellow plums, plums, pears, peaches, and apples.

The Yellow Plum Tree

The pears in this tree is not yet ripe, but the other one's got sweet pears!
My girls have demanded we bring home a bunch of grapes although they are still a bit sour and needs a little time.

The grapes looks great but not yet ripe!
We have more than enough fruits. Our neighbors have more than enough, too. Some of them already told us they don't need any in the next weeks to come!

I have baked more than our share of cakes, cookies and pies from those fruits. For our dessert, almost after every meal, we simply go out to our backyard garden and pick fruits.

This post is to let you know that if ever you need fruits? You know where to go!

It's a shame to let them go to waste! Help us eat them :-D


Nika Catbagan said...

If I was nearer, I'd definitely love to have some fruits. Those look delicious!

raqgold said...

if you live nearer, i would leave the garden gates open!!!