Friday, August 26, 2011

Easy-to-Do Doll House

This is just a way to keep the mini items that my girls have collected throughout the years.

I have had enough of stepping on tiny doll shoes, of being stuck with the pointed corners of tiny sofas.

Therefore, I asked my husband to build a simply doll house for the kids. A doll house that would house all their mini and midi toys!

I want it to be a sort of a 'store' room for their toys yet camouflaged as a doll house.

First we asked the girls where they wanted to place their doll houses and measured those areas. Then we drove to the nearest store to buy the materials: pre-cut plywoods, cardboard, some nails, hammer, glue gun and eventually a piece of cloth for the roof.

Since the plywoods are pre-cut, it is just easy to piece them together: the walls, the floors and the cardboard for the back by hammering them in place or with a glue gun.

Make sure that you have measured the division of the floors according to the the items that would come into the doll house. Just ask your girls how they plan to decorate their doll houses.

After everything's assembled, add the piece of cloth for the rooftop.

This type of dollhouse is pratical. Since the girls have more or less abandoned the doll house after months of using it, we are now using it as a book shelf!

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sheilamarie said...

this is indeed a good idea to make for the kids :D