Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Voltigieren = Vaulting

Girls and horses -- an exciting combination.

Aside from falling in love with our pup, Rikki; my girls love horses, too.

They love horseback riding, though their only experience includes a few minutes on a horse. But they swear they love horses. And indeed, visiting the stalls are always a part of our weekend walks.

One Saturday, we surprised them by bringing them to the Reit-und Fahrverein Birkenau e.V. It was the club's Open House. Aside from winning loads of raffle prizes; we had a great lunch, a plate of homemade cakes, and enjoyed the show. The highlight for the girls? The horseback riding time. They were on the horse so many times!

And then came Voltigieren (Vaulting) show. Little girls doing what looks like circus moves on the horse. My girls were fascinated. But no, they don't like to do something like that. Only horseback riding and taking care of the horse.

Asking around, we learned that there are lessons every Fridays and Saturdays. The girls absolutely want to be there.

The next weekend, we took the girls for a try-out. It was recommended to us that voltigieren is the best way to start with small kids if they want to get used to horses. We arrived early. The girls helped in preparing the horse. And despite wanting to sign-up for horseback riding ONLY; the girls ended up doing the same circus moves on a horse!!!

It was explained to us that voltigieren (vaulting) are gymnastics performed on a moving horse going on a circle line, in full harmony. I was proud of the girls. They were doing gymnastics on top of a moving horse after only a few minutes of trial lessons.

What's more, they were doing almost every move perfectly that the trainer asked if they practiced.

That just shows how interested they are. I noticed how they focused on the trainer; how they concentrated on learning the moves shown to them, how they practiced on the wooden horse, how relaxed they were.

I admit, I really thought they would back out as soon as they see the 'dangerous' moves involve. The girls showed me how wrong I am. The moves are not dangerous at all. 'Mama, they are very easy, ' they told me.

The girls engaged themselves with the cleaning, brushing and the clearing of the stall and the practice arena. And on our way back home, they can't stop gushing about the experience. And even started using the back of our sofa as a 'horse' to practice their moves.

I am glad the girls finally found an activity that they really love. And I am proud seeing them up there!


Rommel said...

Wow!!! Gymnastics on a moving horse on the first day of lessons - that is really keen. Ang - galing - bravo to your girls.

raqgold said...

hi rommel, i have never been on a horse, even if it is not moving. therefore, i am really proud of my girls!!!