Friday, October 21, 2011

Picnic in Heidelberg

We took advantage of another sunny day this October.

We arranged to meet friends in the grounds of the Heidelberg Castle on a Saturday. Do some touristy stuff, enjoy the company, etc...

When we checked the weather forecast (it's going to be a sunny day); we added picnic in our agenda, too. Good thing that dogs on leash are allowed in the castle grounds. (We always check in the internet if dogs are allowed before we drive for most of all our family trips now.)

The girls decided we should bring: some cheese, some fruits and some drinks. My husband suggested some cold cuts, pretzels and rolls. And Rikki nudged me with her nose so as not to forget her dog food.

Therefore our picnic basket was full of sliced cold cuts, cheese cubes, boiled eggs, chopped apples and freshly baked pretzels and rolls. I added some waffles, gummi bears, chips and slices of freshly baked lemon cake. For our pup, a bone and her dog food. Plus, bottles of water and our picnic blankets.

Off to Heidelberg. It was easy to find the right spot for a great picnic; after all, the Heidelberg Castle grounds is huge!

There's enough trees if you want the shades. There's enough hidden corners if you want privacy. There's enough benches if you want to take a break. There's enough to see if you want to feed the eyes. And there's more than enough space to move!

That sunny day, we shared the picnic grounds with some university students reviewing, sun bathers, dog walkers; and plenty of tourists. The girls went wild, running around; the dog echoed their excitement.

Some people avoid the Heidelberg Castle grounds for picnics because they said they don't want to be gawked and photographed by the piles of tourists.

Well, on that day; we received smiles and noticed some are pointing cameras at us. I guess most of them are thinking how lucky we are -- enjoying the warm day with a picnic; on the grounds of a historical castle; with good friends for company.

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