Sunday, October 2, 2011

Krakale or Homemade Croutons

A recipe handed down from generation to generation: krakale or homemade croutons.

Actually, the name krakale have a story. My mother-in-law would always tell me about it everytime she would cook croutons. My husband loves croutons yet cannot pronounce the words correctly; so as a toddler, he would always end up asking for krakale. Well, the girls simply adopted the term because maybe it tastes better when called 'krakale'.


cubed old bread (you could use toast or any type of bread)


Place a pat of butter in the pan and heat. When already hot, add the cubed bread. Add more butter when needed. Keep on stirring until cubed bread bits are brown enough.
Use it as toppings to your pasta or for salad.

Our homemade crouton adds special taste to our simple spaghetti sauce recipe. It is one of the best substitute to meat in our pasta.

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Ambuj Mishra said...

so dellicious....i'll try this dfntly..