Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dream Mousse Blush from Maybelline

I am not the type to wear a make up, really. Not only because I dont know the right way to apply them without me looking like a carnival mask; but because I dont know to buy the right color to my skin type.

Having all these cosmetic brands with millions of products for zillions of skin types, I just suddenly stopped making the effort. It just confuses me more, and I wanted to avoid wrinkles. But when I happened to stop by a drogerie a few months ago to buy a perfume for my husband; the kids cannot resist the colored attraction, make ups!

With two young daughters grabbing me enthusiastically to the cosmetics section, what can a mama do? They wanted to look, and touch and try them on. I shook my head to an emphatic no, but I got curious. And we ended up the visit with dotted palms and backhands, but with a good find: Dream Mousse Blush from Maybelline. It is not powder, not liquid -- what it said, moist like a mousse concoction.

There were only two hues available that time, the beige-light orange one which looks funny on me and what I got now - the Dolly Pink. Come on, erase that grin. The name seems to invite a lolly-candy image but that's not definitely not it. It takes one careful wipe with your pointer finger from the glass, then apply it to your cheeks. The blush adds only a bare pinkish glitter to your face, but that is enough for me. That simple touch makes me feel prettier and chic. Just what I am looking for.


doon po sa amin said...

ahaha! like ko po ito. a little pink blush on your cheek from time to time won't hurt.

saka pag minsan, we want to feel pretty, davah? ahaha lang. regards! :)

raqgold said...

hi doon po sa amin, apir :-D