Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Husband Cooks

One of the things I love about my husband? Is that he won't hesitate to take-over in the kitchen -- cook and clean, too.

Just a few weeks ago, we had last-minute lunch guests. A lovely husband and wife team ( I kid you not).

Well, they arrived from the Philippines a few days earlier. The husband is in Frankfurt on business, the wife for pleasure, of course! These are good friends of mine; and my husband knows them very well, too!

IC is actually the godchild of the wife and is looking forward to the visit; just like her big sister, MC. Both looking forward to the presents, too :-D

My husband said they are in Germany so they would have real German food. I didn't disagree especially since that means he would be cooking!

That same morning, he got busy for his lunch guests the next day. He listed down the menu and shopped for the ingredients.

Early morning on our lunch date, he informed us of the menu: Mashed Potato, Rotkohl (Red Cabbage), Kotelett (Cutlets). There's various cheese, cold cuts and fresh tomatoes as appetizers. Drinks include sekt, alcohol-free beer and radler and for the girls, apfelschorle and water.
He prepared the ingredients and cooked all alone. I tend to disappear from the kitchen because he uses a lot of kitchen articles (pots, pans, utensils, etc) and I hate disorder when I am in the kitchen. Every once in a while I check if he needs help in clearing a space... and that's when I am given the chance to tidy up after him. (And yes, he cleans up afterwards; but sometimes I just cannot help throwing things into the dishwasher as soon as he is done with something.)

The girls and I helped him by decorating the dinner table. We used apples as place markers and placed leaves, nuts and apples as decor; and added our gifts for them (consist of homamade preserves).
My husband's lunch was a success. All the plates were empty but there's enough space for dessert.

The dessert is my creation: colorful glass dessert. Simply because my husband is not a sweets fan. His dessert is usually of a scoop of ice cream with chopped fruits and whipped cream on top; or a bowl of chopped fresh fruits.

My husband cooks. He's got his own favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He bakes, too. Speaking of which, he absolutely hates frozen french fries therefore he makes time to choose the right potatoes, peel them, chop them and cook them. And most importantly, he cleans the kitchen afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Damn, it's been so long since i had a Becks... That post just made me thirsty...

raqgold said...

i love becks, too!