Monday, October 17, 2011

Our Barbecue Sauce

Having a herbs and spices corner in our garden is really a fascinating experience.

Not to mention the benefits that it gave us.

Healthwise, the girls have accepted seeing those 'greens' in almost all our meals and are not removing them anymore. Before they will ask us to remove those 'grass' no matter how tiny they are. Now they are the ones bringing us those parsleys, cress, dill, olive herb, lemon balm, rosemary, etc. -- urging us to use them in cooking.

Moneywise, we saved gas from shopping trips and the budget for grocery items became tolerable because those herbs and spices are available anytime and free!

That is why our normally very simple barbecue sauce is now a creative mixture of our 'old' recipe and the 'new' herbs and spices from the garden.

The Old Barbecue Recipe includes olive oil, sweet powdered red pepper, cayanne pepper, barbecue ketchup and pepper.

The New Barbecue Recipe combines the ingredients above plus chopped herbs and spices from the garden. The sauce lifts the flavor of the items in the grill and they smell better, too. It is fun experimenting with various combinations of herbs and spices.

I also put those herbs and spices inside vegetable grill packs. My husband throws some lemon balm leaves into the charcoal which adds yummy points to the barbecue.

In fact, we are planning on having a winter barbecue, too. I need to start preserving those herbs and spices!

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doon po sa amin said...

like. :) mahilig rin po ako sa greens. basta edible na damo, di ko tinatanggihan, hehe...

seriously though, it's great that your kids are loving them this early. children should really be taught how to eat healthy...

thanks for coming over to my site, ms. raqgold. regards, :)