Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Halloween Decors From the Garden

Lots of talks about global crisis. Lots of talks about financial problems. Lots of talks about saving money.

Well, by being creative and resourceful, you could already save loads of money. Just like with seasonal decors. It is nearly October and it is Hallowen time.

Therefore, we need to decorate a bit, or more, depending on what we would find in the garden and what we would stumble upon in our regular walks into the woods.

The kids have started collecting nuts, dried leaves and branches -- while my husband and I already harvested squash and corns. Enough to create an attractive Halloween display. Of course, we hauled our old and dependable Halloween decors out, too.

Last but not the least, there would be lighted candles on the Halloween night to attract the trick or treaters.

As for the Halloween costumes, the girls would stick to the black and white do-it-yourself shirts and muck-up ;-D. You see, Halloween for them means scary so those princess and glittery costumes does not count at all. (Although they did wear their princess costumes in the Philippines in 2009 but that's because they cannot believe that they are allowed to go trick-or-treating when the sun's still shining.)

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