Monday, September 26, 2011

White Bread

White bread
Our family love bread. Good thing that in Germany, there are more than 300 bread sortiments to choose from.

Whenever we would pass-by our local bakeshop, we would usually buy two or three pieces and freeze them. Our favorites? Urbrot, Bärenbrot, Bauernbrot and Sesambrot.

We also have in stock a variety of ready-to-bake bread which my husband normally pops into our bread machine. We love it best when it is still hot; but my girls and I steer clear of bread machine-baked bread if they are already a day old, they just don't taste as delicious anymore. Which really frustrates my husband.

Sometimes I bake their favorite Philippine rolls called pandesal, too. Then I saw a white bread recipe here.

It looked simple and easy. After watching the video, I tried it immediately. You know what? It was a hit, though the girls asked me if it was 'pan de sal' after all.

White Bread Recipe Ingredients:

11 g yeast
11 g sugar
11 g milk powder (I used liquid milk)
55 ml water
7 g salt
313 g bread flour
125 g all-purpose flour (I used only all-purpose flour, 438 g)
11 g shortening

Mix yeast, sugar, milk and water until frothy. In another bowl, combine salt, flour and shortening. Then combine both mixture. Mix and knead. Form into a ball and let rest until double in size. Bake for 400 degrees between 20-30 minutes or until done.

The wheat flour bread

P.S. I have been experimenting with the recipe in which I used whole wheat flour only (it was not a hit with my family they said it was too dry but I love it). Then I also used whole wheat and all-purpose flour; another variation is a combination of corn flour and all-purpose flour.

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