Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sewing and My Girls

Didn't I tell you that my parents are both creative handworkers?

My father used to own a very successful tailoring business where he is also the master cutter, while my mother sews all kinds of tops for men. Yes, my mother would also sew clothes for us girls but that is not her masterpiece.

Unfortunately, when the ready-to-wear industry took over, the tailoring business suffered, too. That was in the early 80s. Am I right to say that custom-made clothings are back in style?

Well, I know because my mother, although should be retired by now, are busy sewing again! And my aunt, my mother's sister, who creates gorgeous ladies' clothes -- is busy with loads of customers falling in line!

As for my girls? Well, they are my mother's and my aunt's 'customers', too.

MC with my aunt, sewing together
IC have papers with her own sketches, including color samples and buttons! She adores fantasy and flirty dresses. She's not interested in sewing but likes to dictates her own style. And she closely watches my mother or my aunt whenever they are busy sewing.

MC on the other hand have already showed interest in sewing. But in the past years, she is more interested in recycling her old clothes. She's selected a handful. She would ask for suggestions and from then would work on an idea. And most of the time, she would help in sewing and mending, not only her own clothes. (See above photo!).

Would my girls be the one? The ones to inherit the creativity of their grandparents? Who knows?

All I know is that we encourage them to try.

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