Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back from the Hairdresser

I told the hairdresser I wanted a wash-and-wear hair style.

No fuss.

Just a spot of gel or a spray of mousse and hair done.

Something like this...

But the hairdresser said it is too short for the coming autumn. What with the ears all free and not to mention the neck and throat!

Well, I am easy to convince.

So I ended up looking like this...

And then I woke up :-D

Oh yes, it was not a dream. I indeed have a shorter hair.

But I look better than the one in the pic, that's according to my loving husband!


Tina said...

Patingin ;) .

anney said...

Last time ako nagpagupit ng ganyan kaikli e 15 years ago. lol! Ang sarap i shampoo pag bagong gupit parang ang gaang gaang ng feeling.