Saturday, July 7, 2012

IC's Rouladen (Stuffed or Rolled Meat)

IC preparing her Rouladen
Rolled meat is the number dish in our family. Tonight, it was IC's turn to present her own version, choosing her favorite ingredients. 'Tonight, I will cook for all of you,' she said. And she did!

4 thinly sliced beef sirlion
2 boiled eggs (sliced)
a cup of chopped chives
2 pieces of wieneler (hotdogs)
1 big bell pepper (sliced thickly)
4 slices of cheese
1 big carrot (sliced into four pieces)
4 slices of bacon
salt and pepper to taste
oil to fry


Lay the meat on an even surface, put the bacon, cheese, bell pepper, hotdog, carrot, boiled egg and sprinkle with chives and salt and pepper to taste.

Roll the meat and seal using a metal clip or you can also use stable threads. 
Heat the pan, add oil and cook until brown. 
(If you want some sauce, add 1 cup of water and bouillon, some salt and pepper. 
Cook to a boil, around 15 minutes.)

Our dinner tonight as presented by IC. Papa made his homemade french fries and MC
added her favorite the green salad.

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