Thursday, July 12, 2012

There's a Line to Heaven

Our little baby Chris John is in heaven.

He visited earth for eight short days.
And then he earned his wings.

My sister, his mother, who had him in her womb for six months, asked the question, 'what do you call a mother who lost a child?' I guess, the answer is they are called 'very special mother.'

Special mothers who could endure all.
Special mothers who would endure all.

Special mothers chosen by God.
Special mother chosen because they can.

Special mothers who are blessed with a special strenght.
Special mothers who are gifted with special hearts, special souls, special angels.

And yes, special mothers have a special line to heaven, too.
Just like special aunts like me :-)

What's my line to heaven? For that, I needed these music carousel and a hairband plus a very special something.

Yesterday morning, I was getting ready to start cleaning the house; wanting to distract myself from thinking too much about my family back in the Philippines, from thinking about Chris John.

Then whoosh, a strong wind; a hairband I bought from the Philippines supposedly for MC's communion attire; fell with a clatter. How? I didn't know. It's heavy. It's lying in the middle of the table.

The hairband from the Philippines.
I picked it up, placed it back on the table. Then I saw one of my favorite things: a music carousel. 
the music carousel
This is a Christmas gift, from my sister-in-law. It plays a Christmas song but ever since, I refused to pack it away together with our Christmas things. I wanted to see it, play it, even if the Christmas season is over. Since we transferred to this house almost two years ago, I have only played the music once. That's the time, when I realized, that it's broken. The carousel still moves, but the music is a stop-and-go. Sad!

But not that day! I am sure because of Chris John. I started turning the key, to play it for Chris John. After a few seconds of total silence, the music carousel played the Christmas tune. 'We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas...' started filling the air.

It made me laugh. Oh, yes, Chris John. We wish you a merry one, too! I played the music, again and again. And whenever I think of Chris John, I would go back to turn the key and let it play. And I would feel better. He is telling me he is merry, after all.

That's my very own personal line to heaven.

Oh, but I forgot to share to you the most important thing in finding your exclusive line up there. You must believe. I believed. I strongly believe that turning the music carousel's key is my line to heaven, to Chris John.

Today is my sister's birthday. The special mom. I am sure she'll find her own line to heaven. I am sure she'd hear Chris John whispering special things to her. Love never dies. (I am sure Chris John will be wanting to talk to his Papa and siblings, too. Find your own line, too!)

Happy Birthday, dear Jo-anne! You are indeed, a special mom.

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anney said...

My heart goes out to you and your family. Chris John is in a more peaceful place now.