Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear Baby Chris John,

Chris John (July 1, 2012 - July 9, 2012)
Hey Baby,

That was a short visit.
Six months on your mom's womb,
Eight days on earth.

That was a short, wonderful visit.
Maybe you just wanted to say hello.
We did hear that wonderful hello. 

That was a short, silent visit.
Later, I have to tell your cousins MC and IC.
I have to make sure they didn't missed your gentle hello.

That was a short, sweet visit.
Only Ate Clae was able to carry you on her arms.
But your mom and dad will carry you in her heart, forever.
(As with Ate Cha, Ate Tin, Kuya Topher.)

That was a short, gentle visit.
Am sure Nanay and Tatay cherished those days, made them longer.
Maybe you simply have to see them, your grandparents.

That was a short, intense visit.
I prayed, made special whispers to Him, lifted you up to our beautiful Mother.
You see, that's the only way, because I am too far away.

That was a short, angelic visit.
Baby Chris John, now you can unfold your wings
And sometimes, let us hear your whispered hello; your fluttering wings.

That was a short, innocent visit.
Cuddled. Touched. Loved.
Lifted. Up. There. *Waves

Go on, little angel.
Be our sunshine.
Be our moonlight.
Be our raindrops.
Be our snowflakes.

Be our love. Our Baby Love. Our Beloved Baby Angel.

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Snow said...

Rest in peace Chris John...