Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY: From Mama's Long Skirts into My Girls' Summer Dresses

Looking for new summer dresses for your girls?

Check your closet first!
From Mama's long skirt into  my girl's summer dress
I found something in my closet: long skirts that I have yet to wear. A gray one and a striped black and white skirt. Perfect for the girls! 

The idea is to have those dresses done as fast as possible and to save money, of course.

the long skirts
Materials needed:
long skirts
scraps of jersey cloths (I used old leggings)
a pair of scissors
sewing machine (handsewing is also ok, just add the needles)

What to do:

Measure. Make sure the waist bands of the skirts fits the chests of the girls.
Then measure the lenght needed for the neck straps; for one skirt, you would need six pieces each.

Girlie summer dress made from mama's long skirt
Three pieces each for both sides. Then braid those scraps of cloths. Sew both ends of the braids.

The summer dress, this time, in gray.
Then measure the neckline, making sure it is a comfortable distance; before sewing one end of the braid on the left and on the right side of the skirt's waist band. More DIY here.

The summer dress in black and white.

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