Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Red Beets (Beetroots) Salad

Red beets or beetroots from our garden
They are strangers to me, these rote beete (red beets or beetroots). I have never tried them before (nor had ever had the urge to try it).

But my husband loves them. He remembers them on their family table, prepared lovingly by his mom; he wanted them on our family table, too. The main reason why those red beets ended up in our backyard garden this year? He has been longing to eat red beets for years. Yet he has never tried to introduce them to us.

He simply assumed I don't eat red beets. And I simply assumed I won't like them. After more than ten years of abstaining from red beets, he finally succumbed to his craving.

The first time he proudly presented his red beet harvest? I was skeptic. I don't even know how to cook those red beets! No idea at all. And so, he told me. Preparing everything while I watched, still not sure if I would be eating those red things.

Red Beet (Beetroot) Salad

a cup of water
a pinch of salt

2 pcs. medium red beets
3-4 tbs. virgin olive oil
3-4 tbs. essig (wine vinegar)
salt and pepper to taste

- Wash red beets, remove the stems
- Pour cup of water into a small pot, add a pinch of salt; then drop the red beets.
- Cook until soft (just like cooking potatoes).
-  Peel and slice the red beets.
- Add the oil, essig, and salt and pepper.
- Mix thoroughly.

Red beet salad
My first taste of red beet salad? Well, let's say I didn't expect the sweetness. It is a cold salad -- so it was sweet, fresh, crunchy and yes, appetizing!

We combined it with beans and zucchini fried rice and fried rice.
Red beet salad with beans and zucchini fried rice with fried chicken
Okay, I promise to never assume again when it comes to food.

Because, I do love red beets.

And I will eat them in a box, and I will eat them with a fox, and I will eat them with a mouse, and I will eat them in a house. And I will eat them here and there. Say! I will eat them anywhere! I so do like them...

(From Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham)

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anney said...

Sometimes we put diced red beets sa macaroni salad. Humahawa yung kulay nya sa macaroni kaya ang cute tingnan.