Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Harvests

Harvest time is here!

Mini radish is our first harvest.

Oh, and this year, my husband and I decided to have an assortment of plants our backyard. Aside from the usual fruit-bearing trees we have (cherries, yellow plums, greengage, apples, peach, etc) we have also added more vegetables, herbs and spices.

That means, we had more work in the backyard. We had to create more space for the plants. We had to water them more. We had more weeds to pull. But when it is time to harvest, we are glad for the hard work!
Pechay (or Chinese cabbage) and lettuce are ready, but the carrots need time.
We are already enjoying coriander and other herbs and spices such as parsley, dill,  basil and  mint leaves.

Can you find the zucchini?

The peas are thriving these year.

String beans

Lots of string beans

Red currants
The only cherries harvested :-(
Turnip cabbage, which I am not really so familiar with
We are excitely awaiting for the other 'new' harvests: onions, aubergine, pumpkin, red beets and paprika.

Meanwhile our usual favorites like tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, peas are coming along. The fruits? The red and black currants have come and gone. The cherries we collected didn't fill a basket. The gooseberries are still thriving. The strawberries were minis but sweet. The The greengage didn't bear any fruit at all this year. The peach tree is struggling to survive. The blackberries and the blueberries are a bit behind; together with the raspberries. The grapes? We have cut the stems and we are hoping they would survive! The apple trees are doing okay!

With more and more assorted plants in our garden, we are also learning more and more about gardening. But the best part is and would always be: harvest time. 


rossyjourney.blogspot.com said...

hi,it's so nice to know that you have lots of veggies in the your backyard..
when, I was in our province I loved to plants different veggies in our backyard but it's only the alogbate, malunggay, okra and squash..lol..how I wish I can plants veggies like yours in our backyard..lol..

raqgold said...

hahaha, rossy, you can try! we tried ampalaya, banana, cucumber and pechay here and they grew! i want to have calamansi but i dont know if it would be okay.