Sunday, February 10, 2008

Holiday on Ice

Before going for a long vacation, we found time to watch Holiday on Ice this Sunday. The ticket is my gift to my husband last Christmas. I was hoping he'd take it as a date for us as a couple; but as expected, he wont leave the kids behind.

Well, no matter. Holiday on Ice is afterall magical for both kids and adults alike. Good thing we got a ticket for the earliest show, at 11 a.m. The kids, already too excited because of the coming vacation; could not contain their bursting energy anymore. They slept late and woke up early! Help! I also needed time to pack up and take care of the household chores!

Of course, we were already in SAP Arena in Mannheim at 9:30 am. Too early, I know. But what can we do? Good thing the sun was shining and staying outside to wait meant some pretzels and a chair under the sun.

The gates opened at 10 am to an already complaining IC. She said it is too cold; and in a second she would compain that the sun is shining too much. Now what about if we are in Asia, how would she take it then? Let' see.

Having given both kids pretzels to munch on; they got busy. Plus, the SAP arena have some play of lights via the advertisements that really took the kids' interest. And when it started, I had to take my eyes off IC and MC; I was having more fun watching their reactions on the show that I cannot concentrate on the show itself.

But it was great: magical and full of fantasy. The kids have been giving me a list of costumes that I should do for them as the show goes on. As if I would remember them all; as if I could really sew, hahaha!

Of course, I had to force the kids to join me in the toilet in between breaks; I simply refuse to stand up while the show is going on. Good thing their private businesses were done accordingly. Although I did see a lot of moms and dads accompanying their little ones during the show. I pointed them out to the kids who simply nodded and MC later said, 'It was good that I didnt miss anything.'

Tomorrow is Holiday on Ice 2 - the kids promised to re-create the show one more time, just for me :D


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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

see, malapit lang tayo...SAP

mabuti nagtingin kayo nito, kami wala na, ayaw naman sa mga bata.

tama ka talaga, we enjoy while they needs us at maliit pa sila.

You know, kim helps her cmate magtinda ng Pretzel dyan sa SAP-Arena....tapos free sila manood kung anong show. VIPs pa

minsan flirting na lang sila sa mga players or actors-tress....heheheh

ay oo nga ano, paano na lang kung sa Pinas na kayo?
ang init daw, sabi ni Fely, tumawag siya sa akin, 2 days ago, nandoon na sila sa amin today, they stayed manila for 4 days din,

ang init daw, more than 30 grads, sabi nya sakit daw sa skin.

Feb-March is summer time sa atin, hinda ba?

sana ok lang sa mga bata at ma enjoy sila sa urlaub nyo,

Cgi, enjoy your vacation and take care n family din mo.

Happy Trip na ako hindi na ako makatulog sa excited na maka uwi na....

thanks again, rac..........regards to all na lang.

haze said...

i would like to see that in action ! Never seen Holiday on ice yet, it must be wonderful and the pretzel, sarap !

raqgold said...

vicki - wow, that's an interesting job ha. and yes, malapit lang kami sa SAP arena din :) mainit sa manila? am sure matutuwa ang hubby ko, hahaha

haze - the show was wonderful! and the pretzel was really sarap :D