Saturday, February 9, 2008

Presenting my Gymnastics Group

The group during our Carnival Party 2008

I have been talking about them, my gymnastics group for small kids; and now I am introducing them to my blog.

I started taking over this group, with another mom, last September 2007. Well, we have already finished two seminars; one more weekend seminar this April and we would have our licensed instructor status.

I am grateful to the director of the sport club for her confidence in me. I know that my only qualification was that I am a mom of two girls who are both active in gymnastics; and that my girls are regularly present everytime there are training sessions with mom in tow; or maybe I impressed them with my being a real sport as I always ready to do some turns with them and I always have a hand free to help them. I dont really know.

But you see, they have been looking for a trainer for almost half a year already and they are ready to cancel the gymnastics for small kids if nobody would be found. And that would be a pity; since there are really kids who are enthusiastic with gymnastics; one would be my IC. The director was already on the verge of breaking down when she looked for me, stared me in the eyes and asked me with tears and a pleading voice if I would want to take over the group. Well, what should I say?
IC, my real big inspiration why I am pursuing this gymnastics group

Should I say no when I know IC's would be one of those disappointed when the group would be abandoned. Should I say no when I know I should help? Should I say no when I felt this flicker of excitement inside of me for a new challenge? Should I say no when I know I might be needing this gymnastics group to stay fit? Should I say no when I know I could actually do it! These thoughts were running in my mind plus the fact that I was touched that she actually wanted me; with all those mom around her, why me?

Well, why not me? I enjoyed the first two seminars and I cant wait for the third one. I am learning a lot of things, which benefits not only my status as a trainer; but my being a mom and my being an active and fit person. The kids are more enthusiastic about sports, they are into action, into movement. I learned new games, new songs, new ways to deal with little kids, new ways to deal with strangers -- and I am discovering a lot of things especially about myself.

One discovery is that I should not let my insecurity about not having mastered the German language as a hindrance from taking any challenges. I know I still have a lot to learn; but hey, I am now opening not only my mind but also my heart to future challenges.


Joy said...

Haay, so sweet. I'm proud of you, mamu. Ganyan nga. Grab opportunities for further qualifications, but also find ways to spend more time with your babies and support their inclinations.

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raqgold said...

sometimes you really need to take up those challenges and you would know, para sa yo pala sya talaga :D

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for stepping up! Your example will be duly noted by little IC and MC.

haze said...

Goodluck on you gymnastic lesson Raggold ! Way to go for a healthier body and mind :D !

raqgold said...

marysmom - thanks, the decision was not easy but it was worth it :D

haze - right, healthier body and mind ; those were some of the reasons why i've decided to join!