Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine's day to all of you!

Indeed, love would be in the air as we would be in a jumbo airplane on our way to our much awaited long vacation on Valentine's Day itself. We would be celebrating the love day up there!

I have bought some small Valentine surprises for the kids, things that I hope they would bring during our long flights - colored pens and coloring books. Although I do have some toys with me including a crocodile game and some play cards to keep them entertained.

As for my husband, since his pair of garden clogs needed replacement; I bought him this pair of unromantic garden clogs for Valentine's Day, hahaha. I dont really have enough time to think of what to give him although I was planning on inviting him for a romantic dinner in Bangkok. I was going to ask a friend there to arrange everything for me. I hope it would be okay.

I know that I would be getting something special from papa and the girls, I already heard him whispering to the kids about making sure that they would take care not to break those things (although I did hear some crashing sounds already while they were trying to hide those gifts :D). I pretended I didnt hear anything at all.

What was our ritual during Valentine's day? Hmm, almost the same. We would wake up with our gifts (yes, the kids would also get gifts from me and their papa) waiting for our in our breakfast places. Papa would have been the first one to open his as he would be gone long before the girls wake up.

And then we would have dinner in the same restaurant where we celebrated our wedding reception; with the kids in tow, of course. Between that, we would visit oma and opa as the kids would present her with pralines or Valentine's day chocos - which they would proceed to eat together in one sitting, hahaha. I dont know why we dont give something to opa, but that is just so.

We would be doing this Valentine's day visit tonight as there would be no more time tomorrow; this would also be the time to formally say adieu to them - another ritual whenever we go for a vacation, long or not.

And to all of you, enjoy the love day!

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Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad you had a nice time celebrating Valentine's Day. How sweet that you give the girls gifts.