Thursday, February 7, 2008

Schatz, don't turn away

Those were the words that came out of my husband's mouth last night. Let me tell you what happened.

We were having dinner: waffle and mini burgers, requested by the kids. It was my husband's specialty, so, he was busy making the waffle during dinner. After making two batches of waffles, he discovered that the waffle machine conked out. Instead of enjoying dinner, he got up to try to repair it.

Well the kids, since they were the ones who got the first batches; were already full. Instead of staying seated, decided to play wildy in the kitchen. I always tell them that playing in the kitchen is a big no-no. Our kitchen tiles tend to be slippery; most especially since MC helped the papa make the dough for the waffles and she then helped in frying the mini burges (flour and oil mix on the floor!). And we havent cleared up the dinner table.

Added to that is that papa is trying to fix a waffle machine that is still hot. Accidents could happen, right? Well, I warned the kids for more than a dozen times to stop running around; to stop standing on their chairs, etc. Of course they did not listen. And then in a second, we saw IC on the floor and heard her crying. She banged her head on the floor.

That was when I turned away. Instead of running to comfort her, I left the kitchen. After a moment, I returned and gave IC a hug and sat her on my lap. She's ok. I wont turn away if I had known that it was a big 'ouch'. I gave both kids my piece of mind after IC calmed down. I repeated the house rule: no playing in the kitchen. And I didnt have to tell them again the reason why, they know now.

But that action of mine puzzled my husband. I explained my action to my husband. Why did I turn away? Because my temper was already flaring and I am afraid of screaming my head off; thus, I decided to calm myself down first. Plus, I know that papa is there for the kids. Does that make me a bad mom? I dont know.

While the kids were playing, he was telling the kids to be careful; and I was telling the kids to listen to me and stop running wildy in the kitchen. I guess, the words that we use does sometimes create a difference right?


lovelyn said...

For me, one thing that keeps me going back to a one's blog is the honesty you can read and feel from the writer's writings. You just did the right thing and it doesn't make you a bad mom at all.

Jan said...

wow. that's a very hard thing to do. to calm yourself down when in reality you're just about to explode. i wanna learn how to do that, too.

for that, you're awarded.hehehe. pls claim at:

raqgold said...

lovelyn, thanks for the reassurance :D it is not easy being a mom, hayyy

janet, uy, thanks for the award. i need that, hehehe

Anonymous said...

don't worry you know your kids better than anyone of us. you were just trying to be cool when you did not come to the rescue. and talking to the kids, explaining to them, reminding them would help a lot!

tintin said...

You're a better mom for having turned away. I can just imagine myself in your shoes. Probably getting angrier and angrier. I have a lot to learn about patience and you're in inspiration!

Anonymous said...

hi raq. if it's any consolation, i do that too. sometimes the kids can get so overwhelming we need a few minutes to get ourselves together. :)

raqgold said...

sexymom - kids would always need explanations and reminders, patience is really needed!

tintin - aw tin, na blush naman ako :D it is not easy to stay calm talaga.

lady cess - ovewhelming, that's the right word!

haze said...

Hi Raggold you are more an experienced Mom compared to me and I can relate on what you did! It has always been a problem at home, I ask them the same thing not to play in the kitchen because it is indeed dangerous. Toys are made for playing in their room. Still they go to the kitchen. Now, I tell them if they don't want to play with their toys might as well give it to the needy children. Tapos bigla silang pupunta sa room nila, minsan effective minsan hindi :( . We have the same style if they are not that really hurt I don't run to comfort. I would like them to understand the result of their actions and that will serve as a lesson! And after will explain to them if only they have listened to us nothing bad happened ! Saludo ako sa yo :D ! Sometimes silence means teaching children to listen.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

normal lang yon reactions mo,

ganoon din ako, rach, pag magalit na ako, aalis ako, trying myself to cool down...kasi kung nandoon ako mas lalong maingay at magulo.

i know you are a good mom and always there, where the kids is.

hindi talaga, we are always coollll, minsan we´re bursted.

thanks for sharing.....