Sunday, February 17, 2008

Three Nights in Bangkok

I did say I am not allowed to blog, as per my husband, right? Well, he is sleeping in our hotel room right now and I sneaked out with the kids to the business center, thus, here I am :D

Tonight would be our last night in Bangkok. I met with friends and former officemates here. Had dinner with them; and of course, took time to shop, shop, shop!

The kids were so excited, they would, could not sleep at all. In fact, IC would fight against sleep which is really not normal for her. And then when she does sleep, she would be up after two hours and would demand to go out. Oops, and the kids are up at 5 am!!!

Oh well, I also didnt get to sleep on my first night, too. I simply watched the busy highway of Bangkok from our hotel room until 3 am. Jet lag or too excited, I dont really know.

Food, as usual, is great. But I am a bit disappointed with shopping as I would get an automatic 100% mark up just because my husband is white :(

Well, I didnt buy much as I do plan to buy Philippine-made products. Love your own :D

Tomorrow we would be flying to Manila. I dont know if I would get to sleep at all!


Unknown said...

ohh dyan ka dehado kapag may kasama kang puti, doble-katay ka na sa presyo... pero di bale still cheaper than europe di ba?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know how you and your family are enjoying your trip!
Will be watching for more updates

Diary of an Irish Woman said...

have a wonderful time at home! Thats so great you all got to go :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo raqgold,

welcome zu Hause....
nandiyan ka na talaga sa Pinas...
besser du, nandiyan ka na,...huhuhuhu

ako rito, nahome sick na, ganito kasi, pag may araw na...
ja, meron sonne nga pero kalt pa rin,
really, so kaltttt

dyan siguro ang hottttt...hindi ba?

akala ko, hindi ka na maka blog...heheheh

kasi sabi ng asawa mo, urlaub, so urlaub din sa blogworld....

thanks for sharing your happennings sa bangkok.

what i miss there is, essen...masarap ang mga pagkain dyan ano?, gusto ko ang mga pagkain nila.

sigi, have more fun in pinas.....

regards n tc

Anonymous said...

Raq, wow you're on vacation in the Phils? Have fun!!

raqgold said...

auee - tama ka dyan. basta nakita nila ibang lahi na kasama mo, doble presyo agad, hayyy

marysmom - i did try my best to update kahit na ang hirap esp sa batangas dahil walang internet!

sinead - the long vacation was a highlight for the kids.

vk - masarap talaga food sa bangkok. mas masarap sa pinas kasi daming kasama kapag eating time na, hehehe

maping - thanks, we had a blast!