Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Update on No TV for Two Weeks

Well, it is almost two weeks and the No TV for Two Weeks would be lifted up on Thursday for the kids. I wanted to tell you what happened, or not happened during the two weeks that we have banned tv watching for MC.

Ooops, did I clearly state that it was only MC who's got a ban on the TV and not IC? I guess I did not made that clear the first time there. MC is banned from TV watching and IC is allowed to watch the TV. But during the first few days, I didnt tell the kids that. It was only when IC asked the papa for a permission to watch the TV behind my back that she learned she's not being punished.

She proudly said, 'Mama, I am allowed to watch the TV only the 'ate' (sister) is not allowed to watch with me; that's what the papa told me.' What can I say? I should have told my husband what I did before it's too late :D

Now what should we do? Ask MC to leave the living room when IC is watching the TV? That is a bit hard; but she should learn, right? Right! But we made it a bit subtle for both of them. When IC wanted to watch the TV, the papa would ask MC to help in the kitchen. When IC wanted to watch the TV, the papa would ask MC to take a stroll outside. Noticed that I only mentioned MC and papa? That's his punishment for not asking me first, ahahahaha.

Two weeks is a long time but you know what? The kids actually didnt mention TV watching for a few days. They simply got busy playing together. In fact, I noticed that they played better and without fighting, for a longer time! They find things to make them busy. They even stayed alone in one room for a long time; unlike before when they always make sure that I am within seeing distance.

What made them busy?
1. fantasy games - they dressed up like princesses and marched on to imaginary weddings and parties
2. drawings - they used up most of their coloring books and even our scratch papers to draw and draw and draw (the thing is, IC became so enthusiastic that she started painting our walls, herself and her sister!)
3. beads and pearls - they started creating necklaces, bracelets, anklets and artworks which they wanted to give as gifts to their cousins and friends in Manila
4. they enjoyed wriring letters - they used up most of our envelopes for that, too. Well, I had to sort out those that we could send and those that would have to wait
5. they got to play more table games and card games alone - when before they always needed me to help out or to sort out or to read and explain the rules to them; they simply hatched up their own rules which my husband and I are now learning :D

They were indeed busy. And then after three days of not even noticing that we have a TV, here comes my husband with his enticing offer, 'who wants to watch the carnival parade on TV?' Arrgh, I could really shake him during that time. I glared at him and gave him a piece of my mind, really. Well, he watched the parade on TV with the kids for an hour. But that was that. MC also wondered out loud why she was allowed to watch the TV when she's not supposed to!

I explained to her that since carnival time is a special day, that is an exemption. Although I could have told my husband to explain to her the reason why he invited the kids to watch the TV during this no TV days. Now you know who the softie is in our house :D

Okay, I would think banning the TV gave me a lot of food for thought. The kids could really get busy with more creative things, and alone at that; and my husband should know now to strictly follow his own rules.


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Christianne said...

Glad to hear the No TV weeks were a success. Pati si Papa naparusahan!

One of the reasons why I want to have another girl is so we can all do those crafts together. I think a boy won't be half as interested :D

Anonymous said...

I impose no TV and no computer but hubby is my nemesis there. Hah! He is the one who lets the children do what they want but I insist they stop watching their dvds and playing pc games.

raqgold said...

christianne - boys would enjoy crafts too but that would involve carpentry, train sets, etc :D

julie - well, your hubby's the same as my hubs. we should really talk to them, what do you think? :)

Sunshinelene said...

raq, i truly believe that they will get used to it soon. good for u only 2 weeks. bt my daughter has still more than a month to go. she is doing well without it and i just hope it can help an improvement in her grade.

raqgold said...

arlene - that was not so tough as i thought it would be. but you see, our kids learn their lessons naman, di ba?