Thursday, January 31, 2008

No TV for Two Weeks

Our TV is shoved to oblivion for two long weeks... Why? Read the following exchanges a few minutes before dinner time.

MC: Mama, may I watch the tv?

Mama: Ok, but watch only one program. And when I call for you to come for dinner, then please come without any other words, ok?

MC: Ok, thanks. (And she disappread in the living room)

Mama: Kids, dinner is ready. Come and get it.

MC: Wait a minute.

Mama: What did I tell you?

MC: (Quiet)

Mama: Come here.

Papa: MC, what did mama tell you?

MC: Yes, I am coming.

Everybody is sitting on the table, waiting for MC.

Papa: MC, when you dont come in a second there would be no tv the whole day tomorrow.

MC: Yeah, I know. (But still wont budge).

Papa: Arent you coming, yet?

MC: (No answer)

Papa: I am going to fetch you now and when I do, there would be no tv for two weeks.

And Papa left the table, warning MC that he would turn off the tv; and repeating that there would be no tv watching for two weeks. Well, he did turn off the tv; with much screaming protests from MC. She calmed down a few minutes after threats that she would have to stay in her room without dinner. She dont want to miss meals because she believes this.

I think we did gave her a fair warning before imposing the no tv for two weeks on her. Although we do have this no tv day imposed already. Of course, IC is affected but she doesnt seem to care as she would prefer having her big sister playing with her than sitting with her big sister in front of the tv.


Anonymous said...

So, its no TV for 2 weeks for everyone? Wow!
So far, Mary responds very well to threats. Thank God!

Anonymous said...

I would like to impose on that rule because my daughter had lower grades for this 2nd trimester. But then they love to watch the evening news, including some gory details it includes so I can't take it to heart to have them not watch.

raqgold said...

marysmom, since we dont really sit in front of the tv but for the everning news, we could easily live without it. i am sure there would be gentle proddings, but this time we need to be tough.

julie, hahaha, including the gory details? parang nakapanood na rin sila ng movie kapag ganon :D i think the tv would be the first to go when it comes to grades, too. this is our second day and they are finding things to get them busy.

Sunshinelene said...

raq, so maybe i would do the same. am having almost nightly sermons with my girl coz she is always glued to the tv. bt really it's hard kasi di lang kami dito sa bahay.

am sure this gonna be an unforgetable exp for ur girl. cg lang...she won't feel it kasi babyahe kayo in 2 weeks. she's have tv on the plane na. :)

Joy said...

Korek! Kids should know how to simply obey parents :D When they're older they can make up their own minds. TV or dinner?

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Anonymous said...

I like your line about "without any other words." I'm going to have to copy that one. It's a lot less loaded than "backtalk" or "sass."

Baby A's toys have been in the basement for the past ten days, and tv was on restriction for two days earlier this week. Next is a whole afternoon's exile in her room (still sans toys, but there are books). Sometimes it takes a full arsenal to get their attention.

Hope this strategy does the trick!

- Lea at Quick Serve Kids

raqgold said...

arlene - you know what, that was why the papa said for two weeks. so the kids would know the penalty would last when our holiday starts. yup, mahirap talaga if you have other people living with you. no control pag ganon.

joy - right, for now we try to show them what would be best for them. kapag malaki na sila, they could decide for themselves.

lea - you know what, it's the 4th day now and the kids have been busy with artworkds, drawings, fantasy games, etc. they tried to ask subtly for tv time but when i said no, they just shrug their shoulders and find something to get busy with. and yes, i normally use that phrase 'without any other words' a mouthful but more gentle. good luck to us.

tintin said...

Stand your ground and MC will hopefully learn you all mean what you say. Hehe, you have a very strong-willed girl.

raqgold said...

tintin - you know what, the problem is that my hubby is a real softie. he's ready to give in na nga e, hay

haze said...

Yes, that's how I call responsible parents :D with authority! Minsan kasi lambingin lang tayo, it melts our hearts away.