Friday, January 11, 2008

I Heart My New Header

I was not too adventurous with my blog, I noticed that.

I kept the same theme for a long time; even though I was not too satisfied with it. But you see, as a first time blogger, I am still finding my writing style, still censoring my thoughts and was not sure where to go with blogging.

And then I was afraid that the people visiting my blog would get lost when I changed the theme; I admit, I do get confused when I blog hop and find myself in an old familiar blog name with a sudden new look. You see, I always tend to confuse those modifications with a computer virus. Yes, a virus once changed the color in our computer screen!

Well, I did get used to those pimping up of other bloggers but I cant get myself to do it in my blog. Then one day, while browsing in friendster, I saw the drawings of a good friend's daughter. That gave me a boost. I emailed her if she could ask her daughter to draw a header for my blog. I just told her to let her daughter browse thru my blog so she would have an idea what to draw. That was in September? Then I forgot about it.

On Christmas Eve, maybe because of the glass of sekt, I finally decided to change my blog's theme. Imagine, I needed a bit of fizz to take the challenge. Well, this new theme looks better alright.

And then early this January I got the drawing by email. I supressed my excitement, I think I needed another glass of sekt, hehe! Oh yeah, it took a while before I got the courage to work on it but at last, here's the header made by Rienne! A very talented tween who loves Manga!

MC and IC immediately saw the header after I uploaded it and recognized themselves! Of course, a dozen printed copies now scattered like flyers all over the house. And...they have asked the papa to copy more for them. Well, I could understand their excitement. I do love my new header! Thanks again Rienne!


lovelyn said...

Booze for boost ha! Then it probably works. Listen to how you heart your header. I heart it too! Imho, Its homier and so appopriate for your blog.

haze said...

Wow Congratulations on your new header ! This looks fantastic, I like it :D the simplier the better !

lady cess said...

a pat on your back for having changed your header! i love the drawing! great to have a good friend with a talented daughter :) hanap din ako hehehe!

raqgold said...

lovelyn - the color fits just right with the images, di ba? i love it! right, booze boosted me, hahaha

haze - simple is the best bet!

lady cess- hanap ka rin, hahaha