Friday, January 25, 2008

And Then We Meet Again

Liza helping me in the kitchen, since my hubby cooked, we had to tidy up

I did post about finding a long lost friend last month; and although December was a turbulent month for us because of the sickness and not to forget the celebrations, my friend and I managed to chat for hours on the phone. Well, actually, we both wanted to just drive and meet and then chat for hours again..but that just wont do. We are both moms and wives now. We could not simply leave our home just because we wanted, too.

We kept on teasing each other on how we cant believe we would be finding each other so near and yet so far. And of course, on how we should meet to compare notes and to make chismis (talk about) about our barkada's (group of friends) back in the Philippines. And then, I tickled her about buying 'pasalubong' (souvenirs) for those left behind simply because; they were also twisting my arm about their gifts from a long lost friend. Dami na raw utang, hahaha.

Well, after cancelling (the winter weather is not good for driving) and then re-scheduling their visit, Liza, finally came with her husband and 11 year old son last Saturday. And a bonus for my kids, she brought their tiny dog with them. I didnt know the reaction of my kids but IC wont put her feet down when the dog is near her while MC simply wanted to cuddle and she got the chance to walk the dog, too. Well, she was so proud and she enjoyed it too much she wanted a dog of her own. Of course, she cried when they left!
Chloe, the dog, with MC, Liza and Kuya Pascal

My hubby, as usual, is the man in the kitchen. MC and IC played with Kuya (big brother) Pascal
until he jumped out screaming the girls wanted to put some make up on him, hahahaha. And as expected, Liza and I squeezed more than ten years of stories in that visit. We chatted, laughed, chidded each other, teased and pondered our lives and the others. Need I mention, we compared how our bodies changed, too? Liza cant get over the story told to her by our friends that during our visit in Manila two years ago, IC was all over my breasts; looking for milk - anywhere and everywhere. I had to laughingly nod to that because even in restaurants, IC dont care and would simply reach out to breastfeed. There was really no shame in me :D

After a short walk, we had a quick dinner and then it is time for them to go. Pity! Liza wanted to stay and I was wishing they could really stay; the day wasnt enough. But hey, next time it would be our turn to visit them. And there's still the telephone!

And oh, dear Liza, here's wishing you a wonderful birthday on January 27. You are still as lovely and as sweet as can be. I am really glad to have found you enjoying a beautiful life with your beautiful family. Let's have a real pajama party this summer!

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geri said...

Hope that pajama party pushes through soon! oh don't we all know about mommy duties :) I like the name Pascal.

raqgold said...

hi geri, i already warned my hubby this pajama party would push thru. sabi ko two nights, hehehe. it is not easy to make dates esp if you have small kids!

lady cess said...

sobrang bilis siguro ng oras para sa inyo no? :) make new friends butkeep the old :)

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad you spent quality time with a dear friend.

A pajama party sounds fun. Hope it pushes through.

lovelyn said...

Lucky you and your friend!

Hehehe, You really are a good mother when your dede is "ever ready" for the baby.

How we keep these breast so "sacred" when we were singles Now, ala na hiya-hiya. I do it all the time when we ride the boat hahaha...

raqgold said...

lady cess, right - keeping the old ones are making new ones would be the best thing to do. grabe, super bilis ng oras... bitin!

rach, times like these are the best talaga. and yes, i have already talked to my hubby about the pajama party :D

lovelyn, you said it. so shy and yet when the kids come, wala ng hiya, ahahaha

haze said...

That was one indeed a beautiful day so push through with your PJ's party ! That will be fun :D !

raqgold said...

haze - i wanted to set up a date already but that would seem like pushing my hubby, ahahaha.. secret muna yung date.