Thursday, January 24, 2008

Lice, Lice, Baby

And then the head lice came in the kindergarten. Everybody knew, at least those who reads the notice posted right on the door of the kindergarten, that head lice is reported. Nobody know who is affected, especially since that infected child would have to remain at home until it is proven; with a doctor's certificated, that there are no more lice or nits left to hatch to avoid head lice being passed to other kids.
And then, to make sure that everybody would know; everyone got a notice which should be read and done and filled by the parents to be given back to the teacher to make sure everybody's been checked. On it states what should be done:
1. To systematically check the hair of the children in the earliest possible time for lice (adult lice) and nits (the eggs).
2. It is well known that nits are sometimes mistaken for dandruffs (flaky scalp). When you shake and comb the hair, the dandruff would be disturbed; but the nits stick on the strand and is not easy to remove. A nit is just like a sand, around 1 mm, oval shaped and has the same sandy color. It could be found directly on the hair strands.
3. When you look for the lice and nits, make sure you are under a very good light (under the sun or with a bright light) sometimes a magnifying glass would help, too. And make sure you do it strand for strand.
4. When you discover the presence of lice (earlier symptoms would include vigorous scratching, bad smelling hair, etc), look for the best treatment which could be found at the pharmacy. And follow strictly the instructions.
5. After doing this, make sure you check again for nits strand for strand, moving systematically from one side of the head to another; use your fingernails to take the eggs away or when needed, cut the infected hair with a nail cutter. A fine tooth comb or suyod in Tagalog, would help a lot, too.
6. A second treatment should be done after eight days; of course, the parents would have to remain vigilant for the next days to make sure that everything is really clear.
Now, it is only when these things are done successfully that the child could come, with a note from the parents, and join the kindergarten again.
I know that head lice are a problem in poor countries; children could not concentrate in school when they are bugged by these lice. And some extreme cases show wounded scalps, which of course, added to the misery of kids. I agree with reporting these cases; for then we, parents, would be aware of what to look out for.
I told MC and IC to be aware of this case and never to use the friseur toys (those involving combs and hair styling), to avoid dressing up with the available costumes and that they should not play with the bed sheets and pillows scattered around in kindergarten. That is, until everything's been cleared. Although, I am sure they would have less enthusiasm with those things because of the possible consequences. Well, there are other things to do in kindergarten, after all.
And I am glad the kids were spared. No head lice or nits.
Here are more tips on How to threat head lice.


ScroochChronicles said...

That is a big problem. Your tips are very good. Kaya lang, as long as there is a classmate or a friend who has it, the chances na maghawaan sila are still great.

Bakit di kayo gumamit ng suyod? I remember that my Mom used that on us when we were kids. Yep, I had kuto also :)

raqgold said...

hi cookie, ginandahan ko lang tawag sa suyod (fine tooth comb) hehehe. meron din kami nyan at meron din kaming liquid treatment just in case. kasi nung asa Pinas kami, esp with the kids having such long hair and their cousins, ayun sempre they comb each others hair and they share almost everything... but the treatment conditioner we bought is very effective talaga. hay ako din, sa kapal at haba ng buhok naming magkakapatid; ganyan din dati :D

lovelyn said...

I remember my tita before who literally got lice from a cousin and put that thing on her daughter's hair. Para raw may kukutuhan sya sa anak nya haha

Thanks for the tips. So far there's no problem with lice here yet.

raqgold said...

lovelyn, whaaat? maybe your tita is soo bored to death that's why. kasi nga naman sa Pinas habang nagkukutuhan ay may ka chismisan di ba, hehehe

lady cess said...

ak! kuto! i had a "community" of lice when i was in grade school.
buti ganyan dyan, the school authorities are involved. dito...hmm... asa pa.. :D it's all up to us parents.

Analyse said...

i know ill have this problem when louna starts schooling. same here, pag may kuto, di pwedeng pumasok sa school.

lovelyn said...

You're right Raggold, my tita is really board hahaha....

raqgold said...

lady cess, alam mo tama ka. school officials should get involved esp since it is really affecting the concentration of the school children e; aside of course from the parents' being aware

analyse, i am really re thinking about keeping my kids long hair or having them cut nga because of this e.

lovelyn, so was your tita successful ba, hehe. and what did her kid said about it?