Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kids' Day at Home

We planned to go to the outdoor ice skating rink this morning for this month's kids' day (this is actually our first year anniversary of celebrating kids' day) but it rained the whole night and it looked like the weather wont cooperate this day, too. The kids, who immediately disappeared after breakfast and got busy playing with their newly collected toys over the Christmas season, dictated the rhytmn of the day. Lazy day!

Though my husband and I wanted to go out, they wont move anymore. So, we instead chose to spend this day getting busy together removing the Christmas decors from inside and outside our house; followed by the methodical unmasking of our Christmas tree. The kids balked a bit, saying they wanted to keep the decors longer; but they got curious by the boxes and the amount of baubles disappearing into the storeroom. Thus, they helped to entangle the Christmas lights, to pluck the trimmings, to place them in the proper boxes etc.; all the while admiring the decorations or even kissing them goodbye.

So, kids' day could need not be spent in restaurants or indoor playgrounds nor parks; it would also a fun bonding day at home, too. This day just proved it.
Oh and before we ended the day, IC pushed us to drive to Villa Kunterbunt but we said no because it is already too late. And then MC came to me with this question: 'Mama, today is the Feast of the Three Kings so why did we not go to the church to attend mass?'

How should I answer? By telling her it is good that she remember this as a special day. And that we could make up for not going to the church by praying extra hard tonight and saying a special prayer for the three kings. I hope I did well with this question, whew!


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Christianne said...

Ang cute naman, hinahalikan pa nila yung decorations. Marami na siguro kayong naipon na ornaments na crafts projects nila no? Those are the best tree ornaments, even if they don't follow the theme of the tree and are just composed of popsicle sticks, paper and cotton held together by cheap glue.

haze said...

Happy kids day! It's sad to see keeping up the Christmas tree and decors in the garage, my children were!

You have a beautiful daughters :D !

lovelyn said...

Home looks empty everytime we take off our Christmas decors. We ended up buying additional indoor plants for the passed two years.

raqgold said...

christianne - oh, yeah, they kissed those trimmigs away and i stopped them from doing them to the lights :D our tree almost bowed down because of too many added decorations before we cleared them off. even their stuff toys ended on the tree! hahaha

haze - it's a sentimental day, true :D and thanks.

lovelyn - it is great to have space :D

Daisy said...

We left our snowmen decorations up, but took down anything specific to Christmas. It keeps the magic alive a little longer.

raqgold said...

daisy, what a great idea. next time we'll leave the snowman things outside longer, too.