Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sex and Cosmopolitan

I used to subscribe to Cosmopolitan Magazine. I savored their magazine. I enjoyed reading the new fashion trends, I even imagined wearing those clothes. I examined my face wearing those make ups. I oggled those celebrity news in glee.

But I set aside those famous new sexual positions, I always skipped them. I wanted to read them with my husband, with the hope that we would be doing those moves together, while reading them. Wow, that would be something! Imagine those magazines being crumpled and shredded into pieces just because we cant get enough of those moves. Hot, hot, hot!

After three years, I cancelled my subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine. And those sexual positions? I never did read them. I even held on to them in the hope that, maybe, just maybe... one night or two nights' tumble in bed and we could cover all those magazine issues! That would be 36 plus at least 2 special issues per year, huh!

Because you see, not reading those sexual positions part made me realize something. Who’s really reading those things? And doing those things? I mean, if you are on the brink of your satisfaction, who would go back to the pointers in the magazine? Would you think: ooops, I should not be doing that or you should move your legs to the right, or I need to hold it like that... Thinking would definitely spoil the moment.

I mean, enough of reading those teasers. That would only confuse you. Focus on what you want. Concentrate on your body, on his body. Touch, touch, touch. Caress. Be gentle. Nudge. And tell him. And show him. And experiment together. I mean, you can experiment alone first and then discover if he would love your mastery. Some element of surprise tickles making love, too.

After a year of smelling those old magazines, I sold them on Ebay. But I did find out some new sexual positions, with the help of my partner, of course!

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lady cess said...

ay naku, i sooo agree with everything you wrote. matagal ( more than 8 or 9 years) na akong di bumibili ng cosmo.

tintin said...

I never did buy Cosmo mags. Heheh. And now with a little girl of my own, I am glad they are not around to have her suddenly find them when she's a bit grown up and curious!

raqgold said...

lady cess, what do they think of their readers kaya? they simply repeat everything, nagiiba lang ng kulay according to the style of the year.

tintin, that's why i sold them in ebay! mahirap na. subscribing to cosmo was a desperate attempt to read something in english :D

Liza's Eyeview said...

I'm expecting that the next post will be the new positions you've been practicing with your hubby - LOL!!!!

Excelllent article Raq :)

lovelyn said...

I thought I was still at the other side while I was reading this entry heheheh...Nice is even an underrated comment for this sexy post. I only read these mags when my husband takes them home from the hotel he works. I think he reads those sex tid-bits more than me(lol).

Btw, cutie header you got up there!

Anonymous said...

hehehe now i feel kinda guilty! i just bought my girlfriend a 1 year's subscription for her birthday! (btw found your blog feature on the front page of

raqgold said...

liza - am glad my hubby is not reading this blog or else this post would be censored, ahahaha

lovelyn - ahaha, am sure guys love reading those sexy stuffs too. i still grab these kind of mags in the doctors clinics though, i dont want to miss something :D

anonymous - you dont have to worry, am sure your GF would enjoy a one year subscription. that is still tolerable :D thanks for the visit and for letting me know about whatsikat!

ApplesH said...

Parehas tayo! I love cosmo but only for its features on makeup and clothes and maybe the celeb they have on the cover. I skip the parts about sex and positions or about satisfying your man. Every month they have that and I really wonder how much more you can write about satisfying men. Haha.

You should try subscribing to Marie Claire instead. They have great stories and they also feature all the beauty stuff. At least the content is more meaty. :)

JeannieTheDreamer said...

wala bang sex section yung pmn... ikaw na kaya ang mag editor.

hey. are you on friendster? add me...... let me know, i'll give you my email address.

raqgold said...

applesh - i really wonder if they get to practice those things before recommending them, hehe! really, marie claire would be a better choice? i'll check it out first sa newstand.

jeannie - a PMN section at PMN? i wonder how many would contribute and flaunt their names, hahaha

haze said...

You made me laugh on this, why don't you just by KAMASUTRA everything is there, hhhmmm I guess ! LOL !

raqgold said...

haze - kama sutra is too confusing! unless you have a better book with nicer illustrations there with you, hehe. pahiram!

KK aka Tina said...

Anong mga positions ba yun Raq? The positions would be applicable to some people and some wouldn't. I read parts of the Kama Sutra and the way I understand it is: A certain position is an applicable solution to certain "problem." Like for example: the on all fours position is a solution if the male is too ahemm endowed. I have to refresh my memory...hehehe, it's been too long since I read the book- giggling at the university library.

Fun topic Raq ;) .

My mag subscriptions: Good House Keeping, Better Homes and Gardens, Reader's Digest--- boring no? Libre kasi ang info on sex on the web. I stopped my mag subscriptions altogether though, I barely have the time to read them anymore.

raqgold said...

KK, ahahaha - you know what, i also have a kama sutra book and those other 'interesting books' kaya lang i dont really know how to manuever into those positions, hehe. i also used to have good housekeeping but since i could get info sa net, i gave it up, too. i still keep my reader's digest though.