Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Arlene tagged me..

1. Name one thing you do everyday.
Pray - I never forget to pray, either alone while doing household chores or walking back home after bringing the kids to school and of course, at night before sleeping. Praying is a sort of meditation for me. I find peace within me even if my prayer is just a short 'thank you, Lord.'

2. Name two things you wish you could learn.
Play the guitar - I have bought myself a guitar for more than two years because I wanted to get cured from what I thought then was '

3. Name three things that remind you of your childhood.
Manila Bay - When I was a kid, the Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard was a long beach with huts and restaurants and the water is great for swimming! You can't image it now with all the condominiums and malls after the reclamation. We used to go there almost every week as it is only a short ride from home. What makes me wonder was that why I didnt learn to swim during that time, huh.

Guitar - Within our compound, my cousins and my siblings would always get together at noon to sing and dance together, accompanied by the strumming their guitars. It is always party time.

Pigs - My father used to buy piglets and he houses them in a stall in the backyard and feeds them, takes care of them until they are big enough to be sold to the meat shop. I remember I hate being asked to go around the neighborhood to ask if we could have their rest food as feeds for the pig, yucks. Not knowing that I would be forever grateful for those pigs because it was because of them that we go to study in good schools. One great pig story, one time it rained so hard, we had to rescue the pigs from drowning. We had to put them for a night in our living room; can you imagine the havock it created? We had pig pets for the night, hahaha.

4. Name four things you love to eat but rarely do.

Sushi, tempura, sisig, daing na bangus (marinated milk fish) - The sushi and tempura because there's simply no real Japanese food near us and my husband dont like Japanese food :( As for sisig and daing na bangus, I cant wait to eat binge on them soon. I have a sisig recipe which I havent tried and I once tried to marinate a milk fish but it is simply not the same taste like back home...

5. Name five things that make you feel good.
Praying - As I have already said above, with prayers I could immediately clear my mind in a second. This is not only a conversation with God but a way for me to understand myself.

Blogging - I am glad I discovered blogging, it made me realize I am not really alone especially when I found the PinoyMomsNetwork link and started to exchange stories with them.

My Girls' Stories - My girls' stories always make my day. I love seeing them being excited about something, I love listening to them outline their daily activities, I love being a mom.

Exercise - I dont know why I was too lazy before, but when I got the rhytmn, I am staying in the beat. I love my morning walks, my minutes at the stationary bike, my weight lifting times while watching the news, the afternoon dance gigs with the girls, the sporadic yoga session with MC, etc.

Chocolates - Yummy, especially those with nuts!

Who wants to do this tag aside from Marysmom? If you want to share, simply leave a message so I could visit your site.


lady cess said...

i looove sisig too. marami na akong natikman from various restos, and my favorite is from congo grill. i found out later there was a sisig contest and congo grill was the winner. kaya pala!

Sunshine4Life said...

Thanks for doing the tag, Raq. It was nice reading them.

I can play the guitar but only the basic chords. a, b, c, d, Fm, Gm...jst that. I can sort of play along a simple kiddy song. hehehe

raqgold said...

ladycess, thanks for letting me on about congo grill, will definitely visit that resto just bec. of the sisig!

arlene, i tried learning the guitar when i was in grade school. thing is, my fingers were too short to hug the chords :D