Sunday, January 20, 2008

For Women above 50

Since being appointed as a gymnastic trainer for little kids under our local sports club, a lot of opportunities been offered to me. And I am taking most of them. Like joining an aerobics/exercise class for women.

I have been putting off doing regular sports with a group for a long time because I always think that the girls need me when it is time for bed. You see, most of the classes are scheduled after dinner time and that would mean, bed time for the girls.

But then, being invited by our nice gymnastic director; and after knowing that it would not cost me (it was a special privilege being a trainer myself), plus the fact that the gym is only a very short walk from our place -- the offer is worth trying. So after gathering enough determination to start kicking my muscles back to life again, I told my husband (who immediately agreed) and the kids (who didnt agree at all).

It is every Wednesday from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. My duty as gymnastic trainer for little kids is also Wednesday, from 3:30-5:00 pm. That means I have already have an advantage, I have already done some stretching with the program with the little kids.

Then I would have to cook, have dinner, bathe the kids and get them ready for bed; it's no problem at all. I still have enough time to read for them or play with them. There would be some problems with saying goodbye but they are tolerable.

And I am having fun with my Wednesday Sports Group though the first time I joined them I was a bit surprised. My gymnastics director is already in her prime; but going inside the dressing room, I was surprised to see more white and gray hairs. And when I entered the gym, I didnt see anyone my age! I mean, they were all older than me. Well, I skipped asking questions until after the class. Because you see, I didnt even sweat! I enjoy the exhilirating feeling of being active again, but I was prepared to really sweat it out -- and was a bit disappointed that I did not. The exercises were light and I was waiting for my muscles to grunt.

And so I asked, 'what is this aerobics/exercise group for?' And most of them answered with a smile, 'for women above 50.' Well, that was that. But that answer didnt turn me off, in fact, that gave me the boost I needed to continue working out with them.

You know why? Seeing those lovely ladies all primed up, ready for a sport class; wearing their make up, with their best sports outfits on, and eagerly and regularly working out simply inspired me. And they have a great camaraderie between them, too. I am not yet in my 40s yet I was too lazy for a-15 minute ride in our stationary bike; and I find it great listening to them exchange small talks about being a mom, being a grandmom, being a wife, being a citizen, etc.

I needed these women in my life. Women above 50 are the best!

Oh yes, I am still with them. I havent joined them during their once a month walk into the pub but I am invited to the Lady's Only Carnival Night this January. And we would all be in costumes! I cant wait.


noemi said...

I had difficulty sweating too. I just didn't bother to be upset by it as long as I did my daily workout.

Analyse said...

lol. but know what, i always hang out with people older than me too.. look at that, frenchguy is already an example lol.

haze said...

This is just great ! You'll surely get motivated to exercise by group, tapos instructor ka pa ;) though t Wednesday time is a bit late, the afternoon time is just perfect! I like jamming with person older than me co'z I learn a lot from them. Goodluck will post for pictures or video ;) !

raqgold said...

ni noemi - actually it is because they were doing light exercises and up to 8 counts lang; kaya ngayon i add more counts na lang which would be appropriate for my age :D

analyse - well, my hubby is too, ahahaha. sana hindi nya mabasa :D

haze - the gymnastics with kids is more of an exercise of patience, ahahaha. but you are right with older people, you really would learn a lot from them. kahit na just by watching them enjoy themselves growing old gracefully

lovelyn said...

Best part would be working out in a gym for free.

So you'll be having Carnivale ahead of us. Ours will have it's opening this coming Sunday. It ends on the second week of February if I remember it right.

raqgold said...

lovelyn, working out for free is also a great reason :D yup, carnival season already started 11.11 at 11 am -- and this time i am joining the lady's only night, am so excited!