Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'll be on Brit Radio this Saturday

One of the benefits of blogging is finding friends from all over the world. And one of the best benefit would be finding fellow countrymen abroad who you could really relate to. I mean, in more ways than one. I love sharing ideas with my fellow moms at Pinoymomsnetwork, I enjoy exchanging wits and knowhows with my WPP group, I keep in touch and joke about (just to keep me from too much missing the Philippines) with the Pinoy community outside and within the Philippines though my Tagalog blog.

And then this came as a lovely surprise: I am invited and I accepted of course, to be interviewed at Usapang Pinoy, a Filipino magazine talk show at Future Radio UK that airs every Saturday at 3 pm UK time (4 pm German time, 11 pm Philippine time).

Yes, I would be Dr. Joy's guest this coming Saturday, 02 February at 3 pm at Future Radio UK. Simply click the link to listen online. If you want to send messenges: questions, statements, or greetings; simply click on the upper hand corner that states 'Studio Messenger.'

We would be talking about... hmm, what would we be talking about? We would be talking about a lot of things :D Better check the link and listen to us on Saturday, 02 February. Just click here.


Joy said...

And you were brilliant! :D

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
The Goddess In You

lady cess said...

wow, sikat ka na! that's soo cool!

raqgold said...

joy - thanks a lot for the chance to hear my little voice on air. and to the support of the masa from the vacklingham palace, hahaha

ladycess - naku, sikat sikatan lang, i am a little star, ganun ba :D

haze said...

Congratulations Raggold :D ! Wow that is rare I wish to have heard you online ! Keep it up !