Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Before and After 2008

MC hugging the giant pretzel.
I just blogged about our New Year's healthy resolutions and I guess this is really a wake up call for both my husband and I.

Imagine, midnight, 30th of December, I had to knock on our tenants to ask them for help, to drive my husband to the hospital. I had to push him because he's complaining of shortness of breath. Thank goodness, he was back after more than 30 minutes.

The doctor was saying it could only be stress and more reasons lie on the psychological side. He is making himself crazy over a lot of things. Well, at around 2 am, 31st of December; we were back in bed. Comforted but not totally.

And at 10 am, we drove to the cardiologist for a thorough test. It is better this way, though the kids cannot understand why we had to spent a long time at the clinic when it is supposed to be a big day that day. I tried to explain by telling them that Papa doesnt really feel well; that we must visit the doctor so we could really celebrate later that night.

Well, everything went well. Though the doctor warned my husband that he could be a candidate for high blood soon, if he doesnt take care. Thus, it is really good that we have started earlier with our healthy resolutions. And we must stick to them. Really stick to them.

After that, we did get to celebrate New Year's Eve with a bang. We got to visit oma and opa and received our good luck charms from them: a giant pretzel, clover plants, marzipan pigs, chimney sweeper figurines, and a donut. I already have the spread of circular fruits at home.

Our lucky charms.
My sister in law came with her two daughters and brought us lady bug chocos for good luck late that day. And I engaged their help in opening my husband to the idea of attending meditation or yoga classes. I know this would help him, the cardiologist recommended it to him, too. But, of course, he finds the idea laughable. Hay, I wanted to shake him :D But I wont stop from prodding him to trying them, at least, especially if it would help him.

And then we prepared our raclette, our canapes as midnight snacks, our bleigiessen kits; and ourselves for a long night. We played card games, watched tv, danced and sing with the celebrities on tv and played with the confetti and worked on our bleigissen set; as MC said, 'it's party time!'
Our raclette spread. MC's concentrating on her bleigiessen job.A few minutes before midnight, we were outside with the whole neighborhood, almost all with a glass of sekt in the hand; greeting the New Year with some fireworks. MC enjoyed the sparkles but IC wont stay for a lone time outside. She hated the noise; so I stayed with her inside and watched from the window. We called the family and wished them a Happy New Year. (I already called my family in the Philippines and sent SMS messages to some friends a few hours earlier).

First photo: MC with the sparklers while IC stays just inside the door.
Second photo: MC fully clad with confettis
At 1 am, I cleared the kitchen but left the confetti clad living room alone; made the kids ready for bed; but the kids simply wont move. It was at 2 am that they came to us to say they wanted to sleep.
That was our New Year's Eve. How about you?


MarysMom said...

Wow! What a lot of activities and traditions--- I envy you... We went to the airport to pick-up my stepdaughter and stayed up till midnight and watched the (delayed telecast) ball drop in Times Square. Oh, Mary finally got to make some noise on New Year's Eve, albeit, sleepily.
New Year's Day was a lot more fun.

lovelyn said...

We have to start with that healthy diet too(with much luck and pushing needed).

Hope all's well and your hubby will give that yoga a try.

re: Asin, I'll try to research more on that. There used to be one swimming pool when we were kids. Now, there are six(swimming pools) aside from the river and hot spring below.

Jennie said...

Grabe sis! You have such adorable little kengkays! :-)

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Raq. I'm so glad your husband is doing well now. It's good that you were able to see a doctor right away. Leading a healthy lifestyle is a great way to start the year.

Thanks for sharing the highlights of the holidays. It's wonderful to see the kids having a great time. I love those good luck charms you received. Lovely and interesting tradition.

Wishing you and your family the best in 2008.

ScroochChronicles said...

Time for some cleaning up..ika nga. Sana nga your hubby will stick to a healthier lifestyle. Mahirap na.

That pretzel is huuuugggeee!!!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hello raqgold,

nabasa ko yon sabi mo about our plan to meet, ok na yon
...ako rin parang mawala dyan sa Weinheim....
pero ok lang, i try bernie is free para siya ang magdrive, kasi parang takot rin akong magdrive sa place na esp. hindi ko kabisado ang street or town.
Alam ko saan ito, pero, takot ako to drive alone.

BAsta, we will plan, when ok?
this time, parang both of us very busy pa.....
diba mag-urlaub kayo? tapos dating nyo after ng Ostern ba yon?....

we will plan it ok?
malapit lang pala tayo, ano?

saan ba talaga sa inyo? i mean the town-name.....

Hope your husband is ok na.....that´s a good Health Resolutions.....

Ako rin takot, mabuti pa ako ang may sakit kay sa asawa know, Germany for me is not my place-...hindi ko alam lahat dito magpaikot-ikot....

sigi, thanks again, happy weekend na lang....

sorry ngayon lang ako, bc the passed days.....sana next wk ok na, back to school naman ang mga bata next week.


raqgold said...

marysmom - the kids had a great party time but new year's day was a lazy day for us :D baliktad naman, haha.

lovelyn - i really hope my hubby could be pushed to try yoga! that would be great with Asin, would love to know more about that town of yours.

rach - we really need to take care of ourselves if we wanted to grow old with the kids di ba? i also love these traditional charms.

cookie - that pretzel is just for photo hahaha, the kids wont eat it.

vicki - yup, mag urlaub kami this feb. kaya baka magkita tayo after ostern na. kung kasama mo si bernie, isama ko na rin ang pamilya ko. pwedeng sa MA or Weinheim basta asawa ko mag drive, hehe

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo raq,

sorry ngayon lang ako, bc kaunti.

oo after ostern na lang tayo mag meet, sama mo na ang asawa mo at mga bata,,,,kahit saan tayo magkita, sa MA or Wheim, ok?

this time, bc ako kaunti... ang dami kong mga drs, termin,...

sigi, thanks again, happy and very eager to meetyou personally n family.

ay oo nga i told bernie about this...

good idea, after ostern na lang, kagaling din nyo sa urlaub.

sigi, bye and thanks again....

have a nice weekends to all, regards

raqgold said...

hi vk - ok, i'll call you :D salamat and cant wait to see you!