Friday, February 1, 2008

Weiberfastnacht: Fat Thursday

I have been hearing and reading about it, but I dont really know how I could get to join the number one most awaited ladies' event in Germany; the Weiberfasching.

This is always celebrated right after the Ash Wednesday, and they call that day the German Fettdonnerstag or Schmutziger Donnerstag (roughly translated Fat Thursday or Dirty Thursday), or the Weiberfastnacht (Wives Carnival) which means the official start of the carnival.

According to wikipedia: Fat Thursday (Polish Tłusty czwartek, German Fettdonnerstag, Schmutziger Donnerstag, or in areas where carnival is celebrated Weiberfastnacht) is a traditional Polish and German feast marking the last Thursday before Lent. Because Lent is a time of fasting, the next opportunity to feast would not be until Easter. It is similar to, but should not be confused with, the French festival of Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday"). Traditionally it is a day dedicated to eating, when people meet in their homes or cafés with their friends and relatives and eat large quantities of sweets, cakes and other meals forbidden during Lent. Among the most popular all-national dishes served on that day are pączki or berliner, fist-sized donuts filled with rose marmalade, and faworki, French dough fingers served with lots of powdered sugar.

The center of this Weiberfastnacht festival would be Cologne or Dusseldorf where the airports issue right inside the airplane a travel warning to men passengers. Women armed with scissors are out to cut those neck ties, a traditional 'game'. And men would be then comforted with kisses afterwards.

Well, most of the men leave their neck ties at home now. But my husband, wanting that the girls could experience this tradition; took two old ties and asked the girls to cut them (see photos). And then of course, I have been preparing for the Ladies' Only Costume Ball for months now! Thanks for the women above 50 who took me under their wings, they asked me to join their reserved table for that ball :D

I asked a neighbor for her help to create a costume. I choose the dress of Jasmin (from Alladin) as inspiration. We went together to buy the materials and for the rest of the week before the ball, we were busy cutting, sewing, and putting the whole costume together. And then the big day came. My husband had to come home earlier than usual because I should meet with the 'girls' at 6:30 p.m.

My girls were too excited, they wanted me to get ready as early as 3 pm. And when I told them they should help me, well --- I dont have to do anything after that. IC sort of dressed me up; while MC stood on stand by, holding her friseur and make up set! Well, I had to wait until their ministrations were finished before I could really do my thing. And my husband, he had fun taking pictures, just like a parent during her child's first prom date!


Anonymous said...

Aw! your girls are growing fast! It's the first time I've heard of Fat Thursday, very interesting.

Thanks for dropping the comment on my blog. I've been pretty absent on the blogosphere.

lovelyn said...

Ciao Raggold,

Daya naman e, where are your pics? Kahit sana just one and we won't even mind if its nakatalikod hehehe...

Hope you had fun!

Joy said...

There's also Fat Tuesday! :D But in the end I know you had a blast! Well deserved.

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Anonymous said...

cool dad ha? i think that's very sweet of him.

raqgold said...

KK - what are you up too? but am glad you are back now. fat thursday is binges which is do daily, ahahaha

lovelyn - am still thinking about it :D but check out kengkay...

joy - is this fat tuesday in england and does this consist of food, too? i tend to have fat weekends and fat holidays :)

ladycess - he simply loves doing such things with the kids. kunsintidor :D

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


tawa ako nito, kasi one time, bernie forgot he´s wearing a necktie going to wrk, when he arrived zu Hause, he said, sayang ang krawatte ko, naputol...heheheh
hindi daw siya naka ekkkk, putol kaagad sa secretary ng

thanks for sharing.....

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

And men would be then comforted with kisses afterwards.

tanong nga ako ni bernie, baka the one who cut the necktie, hinalikan

jokes only....ganoon na man dito, hindi ba?

have a nice day......

haze said...

Wow sarap naman :D ! Why didn't you posted pictures of the Fat Party ON LIVE ? Attending party such as this sometimes are good between couple, it's one spices of every relationship !

raqgold said...

vk, my husband would always make sure that he's got no neckties during this day, too. i would love to cut ties next time :D

haze, hahaha, fat party is being done everyday here at home, eating binges :D