Sunday, July 6, 2008


One cool summer day I decided to beat the ordinary day cycle. I packed a picnic basket filled with a cheese sandwich for MC, a butter sandwich for IC and some fresh fruits and a big bottle of water and dragged it to the kindergarten to pick up MC and IC.

When they saw the basket, their eyes bulged with excitement asking in duet 'what is inside the basket, mama!' Well, I simply told them a suprise is waiting for them.

The kids skipped and hopped, they couldnt contain their excitement although they were giving me confused glances as we were going the same way home. And then I stopped in front of a playground and they shrieked in glee!

While I prepared our food, the kids got to play first. And then our lunch. Our picnic.

It wasnt something extraordinary, just a small deviation from an ordinary day but I got a great reward. The kids told me it was a great day and 'could we do it again?'

And some passersby saw us having a picnic and told us 'oh how sweet!'

It was fun and yes, we did it again and would do it again and again :D


Anonymous said...

We've done this a few times wen I used to pick up Mary from morning Kindergarten. A lot less expensive than a trip to the mall and more fun.

Anonymous said...

saya naman! i'm sure the 2 girls had a great time - lalo na it's a surprise! tipid pa! hmmn... gawin ko rin yan with my 2 little girls - paglaki nila. (kaya lang tagal pa nun)

nakikidaan lang po - actually madalas na bumibisita, pero now lang nag-iwan ng bakas :D

Vlado&Toni said...

oh how sweet :) yes, the simple things in life can really become very special if done with great love and attention. although it is the same playground where the kids might have been a lot of times , the basket and the sandwiches made by mom made it very special.

geri said...

It does sound fun for such a very small effort :)

haze said...

That's just perfect for the season, profit :D !

raqgold said...

marysmom - am sure mary would remember those 'picnic' times with glee :)

bem - alam mo, i am sure your girls would love such simple surprises. thanks for finally leaving a comment :) i would love to visit your blog, too. what's your link?

toni - you are right. now they see that old playground in a different light.

geri - it was real fun and not much work to do. esp, not expensive :)

haze - summer is picnic season!

Bette said...

hi! here's my address -

lovelyn said...

we love picnics, sandwiches will do. sometimes just outside our house in the lawn, we do it. its so relaxing just to be out there

Bette said...

hi! thanks for the visit and for the bites. and oh, for the link.

you mentioned about your other blog, i'm a constant lurker of that also - nakakabaliw este nakakaaliw kasi :D

hmmn... sinisipag na ako mag-comment a.


raqgold said...

bem - thanks for giving me the link, ayun at nakabisita na :) masarap mag comments kasi parang may kausap ka, hehe. ganun, lurker ka sa kabila pala ha :)

lovelyn - uy, pareho tayo. kahit minsan sa garden lang o kaya sa living room the day before the cleaning time, pwede na rin!