Saturday, July 19, 2008

We dont want to walk!

One night before bedtime, both kids cornered me with this question:

'Mama, why do we always have to walk everytime we go to kindergarten?'

Well, I wasnt really surprised with the question. They have been bugging me almost every morning with, 'are we using the car or are we walking?' Hoping that they could hop in the car for once though they know there is a slim chance of that.

Then MC said, 'but I see a lot of kids being chauffered by their parents to kindergarten, why not us?' Well, why not them?

So I told them, that aside from the price of the gasoline that powers a car to drive is getting more expensive which doesnt really interest them at all...

I asked them if they think it is fun to sit in the car on the way to kindergarten?

Or it is more fun walking where they'd get to run around, spin around, go with their bikes or go with skates on a good day, play a game on the way, be amazed with what's roaming on the streets, etc?

The verdict? Walking is fun. And yes, even when it is raining.

Just the morning after that talk, both girls got to skip rope on their way to kindergarten.

Walking is more fun. It is healthier and yes, we save in the process :)

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Kat said...

Good answer! Haha. I remember when I was a kid, I was often comparing my classmates' cars to ours, which I now realize wasn't a good thing to do. Still, with the prices of gas soaring, walking to school (or anywhere reasonably near) is pretty much a good alternative.

raqgold said...

kat - kids would tend to compare but as long as they know that what they have are also good, though different, i am hoping they would be satisfied with my answers :)

Kat said...

Haha, true. My mom used to do the same with my siblings and I. Nothing is wrong with not having the same things as other kids, she says. Besides, what makes you think what you have isn't something that they want too? Your kids are blessed, I'm sure! :D

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

correct talaga, raq,

noon ako ganoon din, gusto lagi car, kasi sa atin kahit ang lapit lang naka pedicab or jeepney,

dito mas gusto pa nila lakad-lakbay, kasi yon gesund n good for our body.

tawa ako sa kids mo, ang lapit ng k-garten mag car pa daw.....

later on, sabi na nila sa iyo....mama we don´t need to be accompany with you...we are all old enough, we are not k-garten kids

hintay ka lang, then you will missed feeling mo parang nag-isa kana lang....

minsan maisip pa, hindi na tayo nila kailangan???????

jealousy lang siguro ang feeling ko ngayon.....kasi palagi na lang akong nag-iisa......huhuhuhuhu

Heart of Rachel said...

A great way to motivate the kids to have some good exercise. It's also a fun way of being exposed to their surroundings.

Anonymous said...

mary and i walked or took her scooter to her kindergarten for about two months until it was too cold to do so. I enjoyed the walk and mary enjoyed the one-on-one time with me. uphill papunta sa school niya, tapos downhill ako pauwi, ang sarap when i use her scooter- yung ibang parents nakikita ako, natutuwa sila...
enjoy your time with your kids.

Vlado&Toni said...

you are so right, i don't understand some of the parents, they live just around the corner yet they come with their cars... and it is always chaotic at the driveway because there is no way to accommodate all those cars. i don't know... i don't understand these people..
i've learned from my teacher ..that the kids are chauffeured from one place to another that they don't even feel what the real temperature outside is.

raqgold said...

kat - moms' are most of the times, right :)for sometimes, when we do give in and let the kids have their way -- they would realize, themselves, that they dont need those things :)

vk - hahaha, i feel for you. i know sometimes soon i would be walking alone as the kids would be with their friends. but by then i hope i would have found a friend to walk with me :)

rach - walking is good. but you see, they now tend to compare now and it is not easy anymore :)

marysmom - see, walking is good! and using our kids's scooters, too. I do that too, hehe

toni - ayan, you see first hand what's happening. i dont really know what they hope to achieve chauffering their kids to and fro.