Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why is opa in the hospital?

Although we have prepared the girls about it, but still, MC wont keep still inn asking on why opa must go to the hospital; especially today where opa's already been admitted. He would be operated on early tomorrow.

We already told them before that opa must go to the hospital because there's something wrong with a part of his body and it would be 'repaired' by the doctor so that everything would be right again.

But you see, they noticed a bit of irregularities; especially today. And I've been peppered with questions until the sandman came.

Why should oma go for a 'vacation' to Tante Ingrid? Why wont oma stay with us then? Why must opa go to the hospital? How long should he stay there? Who would take care of oma? Why is opa crying? Why is oma crying? Why must opa go to the hospital?

Could we call the opa? Why are you calling a different number? Opa is not at home anymore? Why must opa go to the hospital? When could the oma stay with us? Could we visit him there? Why could we not visit him there?

Is he alone? But there are a lot of people in the hospital, right? What would he eat? Why must opa go to the hospital? Could we take care of the oma?

These questions kept on pouring from MC's mouth. Sometimes I could satisfy her with my answers but most of the time, she would simply drag more questions from the depth of her soul. And as I told my husband, MC's greatly affected by all these things.

She's confused by the 'abnormalities' that opa's hospitalization brought into us. We could only try, as a family, to show her that everything is okay; by doing 'normal' everyday things and by keeping to our scheduled 'promises' to them, as much as possible.

It is not easy, but together, we'd be stronger.


haze said...

I al sure he will be okay and will be taken cared of very well in the hospital ! Be brave and all my prayers !

lovelyn said...

That's so sweet of your little girl. I hope everything will be fine. Lukie will join me later, we'll pray for MC an IC's Opa.

Analyse said...

it just shows how she cares to her opa.. but finding the answers to incessant and delicate questions such as those is really hard.. be strong!

Vlado&Toni said...

oh that's so sad, kids can really be deeply affected with such situations. i hope he is getting better now.

Heart of Rachel said...

MC's eagerness to know the details strongly shows how much she loves her opa. I'm sorry to hear that he's in the hospital. I hope everything will be alright. God bless.