Friday, July 25, 2008

We're Going Camping

We're going to Campingplatz Dilsberg.
We're going together with another family, for the first time.

We would not just to camp out, but specifically to watch the fireworks display at the Dilsberg Castle. I am sure it would be a wonderful experience, especially for the kids; as they would have a playmate there, too. And for us adults, friends to catch up stories with and simply to hang out with -- really a trip to look forward to.

We've even divided our what to bring food -- we'd bring the salad ( as we have fresh veggies from the backyard garden) and they would bring the marinated steaks and wursts for our barbecue dinner. Yum!

What's in our list to bring?

- the tent, the folding chairs and a folding table
- the gas stove, gas and the box of camping utensils
- the sleeping sacks, the pillows and the air beds and the air pump plus a bedsheet
- towels, kitchen towels, garbage bags, foam and soap
- toiletries, toilet paper
- solar lamp and flashlights, beach umbrella
- salt and pepper
- thermometer, medicine, plaster
- insect spray and aloe first
- video camera and digicam plus extra batteries

Our basket is already stacked with snacks and toys for the kids. The cool bag is already filled with bottles of water and some juice. We simply need to add the eggs, the canned goods, the wursts; as they are still in the ref to cool. And before driving out of our city, we'd pass by a bakery to buy fresh loaves of bread!

Then, we are ready!


Unknown said...

That's quite an experience. I would like to take Kelvin camping too. When he's bigger maybe.

It's one of the nice things about Europe, isn't it? There's a lot of lovely places to camp in & it's very common.

Pictures next ha?

haze said...

Finally, you're camping out :D ! Next time you can visit us in the South and I have Pinay friend who works at a camping site who's married to a German and fluently speaks the language! That would be fun D !

Enjoy and happy camping!

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo raq,

na viel spass na lang dyan....
i experienced that, maliit pa ang mga bata, with a group din.

ay sabi ko, hindi na
kasi uncomfortable talaga, sa mga bata, spass talaga, pero ay naku, nakatutuwa para sa atin mga matanda.

lalo na kung gusto natin mag-WC or maligo, hay

tapos yon sa gabi, kung matempohan hindi maganda ang wetter, ay naku, katabi ko si schnecken....heheheheh
takot pa ako sa föhler nya.....aguy, naku.....kung pwede lang makauwi, uuwi na talaga ako.

pero iba naman yon experienced ko....sigi viel spass sa urlaub nyo.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


akala ko pareho tayo ng vacation sa mga bata,....start na pala sa inyo Aug.4 na pala ang erste schultag ni MC?

tanong ako ulit, tatawag sana ako sa iyo,,,,,

yon schultüte ni IC, di ba natanong ko sa iyo? meron na ba cya rin, nagawa mo ba or anybody bastelt for her?

kasi kung wla bigyan ko rin siya para hindi siya magthink wla cya, yon maliit lang ba.....
kung meron na,ok rin....

sigi, baka makatawag ako sa iyo mamaya or nandiyan na ba kayo sa bahay?

moment,basa muna ako sa post, ano....yon nachbar mo, yon sabi mo?


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raqgold said...

auee - IC's 2 years old during our first camping trip. just make sure you go to those kid-friendly camping sites para mag enjoy si kelvin

haze - uy talaga? let's sked a camping together in the near future. we're actually planning to go to the south of france to camp but something came up..

vk - natawa naman ako sa yo, hahaha. that is why when we go camping, we make sure to check for the pictures in internet or ask around esp when it comes to the WC and bathroom. medyo maarte din mga anak ko when it comes to things like that e. will try to call you later. we arrived yesterday afternoon.

raqgold said...

kenji - i am honored to be nominated. and i would love to know more and do more but the thing is, i dont really understand what you wanted me to do. i visited your site, too --- yet am still lost.

Anonymous said...

Camping is a memorable experience you ca have with your family. I wish we have places where we can camp here ion the Philippines.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nandito lang ako sa bahay, raq,
katapos ng plansa.

welcome home......

hindi ba sumabay-tumabi si schnecken sa iyo....hhehehehe

basta gusto ko lang malaman yon tüte para ni IC,,,,i mail ko sa mittwoch, pra hindi mahuli.....

akala ko pareho sila kim ng summer vacation, hessen pala kayo.


raqgold said...

julie - i heard before that there's a camping place there in pinas and you could even rent those camping vans... or else pwede naman mag back to basic kaso mo it would be a bit difficult with kids around

vk - may nakitang schnecken si hubby mabuti na lang daw asa labas lang ng tent, hehehe. inalis nya bago kami magising para daw hindi matakot ang mga bata. no problem na with IC's tüte, i'll buy one for her. sorry i cant call dahil wir sind immer unterwegs!

feng said...

good for you! magandang bonding time iyan sa family ninyo.

hey, did you list down marshmallows and hotdogs for the camp? those are must haves. :)