Monday, July 28, 2008

Who's Getting Married?

If you are, please, please I am begging you to invite us to your wedding.

We would come as 'observers.'

Nope, we dont have to join the reception; and nope, you dont have to reserve a table for us. We could do the eating later. Unless you would have a wonderful reception that would make both my little girls eyes bulge in wonder and glee -- we could bring our own folding chairs and some popcorn to munch on.

Because you see, my girls are now oh so fascinated with weddings and all the krim krams that comes with it - the beautiful flowing dress, the long veil, the tiara, the fascinating hair styles, the church and restaurant decors, the bouquet and the wedding ceremony plus maybe the cutting of the cake, the doves, the toast, etc.

Of course, they want to oggle finely dressed guests and the colorful clothes of the whole entourage. As they say, 'They look like princes and princesses!.'

And dont worry, I already explained to them about the role of the flower girls; which they have high hopes of being one in the future. And nope, they wont try to fall in line and join the flower girls (I hope) - I told them they should quietly observe first so they would know what to do in the future :D

I promised to watch out for the wedding notices in our church, and I did. But we dont seem to find a wedding that would fit our weekend schedule!

They have been wanting to gate crash whenever they would find churches and restaurants and houses covered with wedding fineries; I could only beg them to have more patience.

The kids have been begging me to find a wedding soon for them to look forward to; yet there's been no success. Thus, the appeal here :) So, anyone?


Anonymous said...

What is it with little girls and weddings?
Just been to one that was hastily planned and Mary got to be flower girl. Iprinisinta ko kasi para mag-ka-experience siya ng pagiging flower girl. Like your girls, Mary is just fascinated with all the dress-up, etc.

raqgold said...

oh wow, lucky mary for being a flower girl! i would have pushed both girls to be flower girls kaso mo naman dito ang dalang talaga ng weddings e, hayyyy

Anonymous said...

yup, weddings are impressive, i understand how your girls feel about them.

like me, too, whenever i am abroad and there are weddings in hotels, i would watch from the sides or from my room's balcony. it's also kinda different seeing these weddings from the sub-continent, glitzy, huge, and culturally different.

hope you will be able to get some leads to make your girl happy.

Anonymous said...

i am so amused at the way you wrote this post =) natatawa naman ako sa girls mo.

feng said...

if I had it my way, I'd love to have a dozen repeats of my wedding. sarap talaga maglakad sa aisle. i think it's every girl's dream.

maybe you can do a little dramatic play at home where Hubby and you will wear your wedding attires and dress MC and IC to serve as flower girls.

Anonymous said...

i agree with Feng kayo na lang ni hubby :)

kami nga, with so many ninangs, aba, I thought my kids would be made flower girls and ring bearer, awa ng Diyos, wala kasi single pa din sila :D

haze said...

If there"s no one in your entourage why not celebrate your wedding anniversary like 10th year or 15 yrs.? Now they could experience to be in the limelight too :D !

zahflo said...

I'll be attending a wedding this September 6, in Bulacan. :-) I am so excited, it has been years since I was chosen to be one of the bride's maids. (di lang little girls ang excited about weddings! hehe)

lovelyn said...

May naalala tuloy ako. During my internship, I assisted a major operation at the OR. The chief nurse was the bride on my first flowergirl experience. She keeps on telling every one: dr's, nurses etc that I was her little flower girl before. Every one would always answer, "Hay naku, gurang ka na Ellen. May ebidensya!" :-)

Hope you find one for the girls! Its really fun and magical to be a part of it.

Heart of Rachel said...

I enjoyed this post. It's sweet how the girls seem so fascinated with weddings. I hope you can attend one soon.