Tuesday, October 7, 2008


MC said her homework is already finish.

I dont have a reason not to believe her since she's been doing her homework right after arriving home from school. And we even took time to review.

And then she got playtime and was off to her gymnastics class.

When she arrived home from her class; she saw IC watching TV. Usually, MC's not allowed to watch TV during school weeks, esp evenings. But she insisted, saying she needed to take a short break right after vigorous gymnastics. Well, we agreed to let her watch for a short time after she begged with us and said she did finish her all her school things already.

Lights out at 7:30 pm. Then I learned from the papa, who brought her to bed, that she 'forgot' to let us know that she's got another page of homework to finish. Actually, she also confessed that she 'conveniently forgot' about it because she wanted to watch TV. By that time, she's already too too tired to work on it. So Papa said, then you need to wake up earlier than usual.

Thus, she had to wake up an hour earlier today to finish her homework. Nope, I didnt hear any complaints nor did she asked for 5 minutes longer in bed.

MC learned something last night. The consequence of choosing to watch TV instead of doing her homework.


Heart of Rachel said...

I admire how she woke up earlier than usual without complaining. I think that was a good lesson learned.

Anonymous said...

What great parents. I admire your teaching responsibility to your kids. It's refreshing to see this in a world where kids rule their parents. The same children who without discipline suffer greater consequences when they're older.

Analyse said...

at least she's responsible enough not to complain, right. wow, your daughters are well disciplined.. sana ganyan din si louna pag laki, tigas na ng ulo e..