Friday, October 31, 2008

MC's First School Break

MC's on a school break, herbstferien (autumn break) for one week.

We thought she would take advantage of this school break to, well, to take a break from school work. But nope, her enthusiasm about school and school works continue (despite some problems.)

Last Friday, she showed us a bunch of homeworks that she voluntarily brought home to work over the break. I told her she could take her time. But nope, since opa was with us for a visit, she had to show off. She started working on her homeworks with him, one page at a time. Until she realized she's got only three more pages to work on. On which she said, 'I should have brought more!'

She didnt realize that bringing more homeworks would entitle her to some points that would mean a 'homework free day or days' depending on her amount of homeworks submitted. I told her about it and she just shrugged.

Well, I am glad she is still so enthusiastic about school. The teacher told us that kids should only be allowed to work on their school assignments for a maximum of 30 mins so that they would not feel overwhelmed. Not with MC. She really enjoys working on her assigments that we let her. Because when we stop her when she's still eager, it would only mean tantrums. I guess, it is her own way.

The highlight of the one week break is the invitation that the first graders got from their former kindergarten. A letter were formally sent, asking them to come to their old kindergarten group bringing their school bags set to show the kindergarten kids what they did in school.

At first, MC wasnt eager to go; saying it would definitely be boring. But when I told her that she would be showing the kids what they do and what they have learned in the school, she began to look forward to that visit. She even practiced writing and worked hard with her early reading prowess.

In fact, she worked on some dictation with me and she did well. Of course, we ony worked on those two syllable words that she already learned in school.

When it was time to visit the kindergarten, she was eager to show off. And when the hour was finished? She told me she had fun sharing her experiences and she told them that school is fun!

And you know what, we are all having fun with her. Especially IC who is really getting the benefit of learning together with her big sister.

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

oo nga ano, klase naman sa monday,1 week lang vacation nina kim,

pareho ba sila ni mc?

mabuti, she likes in the school.
as some, nagtagal, na pagod n boring na, gusto nila sa k-garten kasi wla daw